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The Best Stuff and Places to Eat in Puno

The Best Stuff and Places to Eat in Puno

Decorated by the world's highest navigable lake, Lake Titicaca, and known as Peru's Folkloric Capital, Puno is a culinary pleasure as well.

Their restaurants may not have as much variety as Lima's. However, they still astonish with real tastes. The expression of our multigenerational cultural richness is found in our gastronomy. For this reason, we're going to give you a list of some typical dishes in Puno and the best restaurants.

Some Puno’s traditional dishes

Trucha Frita (Fried Trout): The trout comes from Lake Titicaca and is highly popular in this city. You can have it with rice and fried potatoes (or chuño) and a salad for an unparalleled burst of freshness. 

Puchero Puneño is a nutritious soup made with lamb, mote, chuño, and potatoes. They have rich taste, dense texture, and mouthwatering flavor. They are ideal for eating in Puno's extremely cold winter. 

Chicharron de Alpaca is popular among fried food fans. That's because its main ingredient, alpaca meat, is high in protein and nutritious. It's usually served with chuño, cancha (toasted corn), onions, and mint.

Kankacho Ayavireño: The key to this meal is that the lamb must be grown in a special environment, called Ayaviri. Ayaviri lambs are born and raised around 4000 meters above sea level, eating only ichu (Peruvian feather grass). These combined characteristics give the Cancacho lambs a distinct and excellent flavor.

Best Eateries in Puno

La Table del' Inca, a beautiful French restaurant in Puno, mixes Andean essence with European grace. Located near Plaza Mayor, it serves elegantly prepared cuisine in a French-inspired setting. La Table del' Inca offers a one-of-a-kind gourmet experience that will please your senses. 

Address: Ancash St, 239, Puno.

La Estancia Grill is just five minutes from the main plaza, an excellent choice for meat lovers. Besides its diverse menu, the restaurant's welcoming vibe and great location make it a great choice.

Don't miss the chance to have a great Pisco Sour. You can enjoy it while having a gourmet feast in downtown Puno.

Address: Libertad St, 137, Puno.

Tulipan's Restaurant is a gourmet institution. It overlooks Plaza de Armas in Puno. It provides a one-of-a-kind culinary experience.

 It's in the old Casona Parodi building. This restaurant captivates even the pickiest customers. 

It does so with a diverse menu. The menu includes beautiful sandwiches, delicious meats, and gourmet pizzas. Also, its many South American wines make any special occasion feel sophisticated.

Address: Lima St, 394, Puno.

La Casona Restaurant is popular with both residents and visitors. It serves traditional Peruvian food. The food is spicy and has Spanish and African elements.

With a comfortable ambiance, it fills up quickly, demonstrating its appeal. You should go here if you want a memorable culinary experience. It captures the spirit of real Peruvian food.

Address:  Lima St, 423, Puno.

Mojsa Restaurant is strategically positioned and faces Plaza de Armas and Puno's Tourist Information Center. It is a popular tourist site. With warm wooden balconies that provide panoramic views of the area, it's the ideal position to witness the city's rush and activity. 

This restaurant has a large menu of Peruvian and foreign foods. It also provides an intimate and pleasant dining experience. You will not want to miss it during your vacation to Puno.

Address:  Lima 635 St, 2nd Floor, Puno.

La Casa del Corregidor, one of Puno's oldest colonial palaces established in the 17th century, has been rebuilt to serve as a cultural center, café, restaurant, and bar.

The ambiance blends art, food, and history. This spot is perfect for a morning coffee, a hearty meal, or a relaxing evening. Don't miss out on the one-of-a-kind experience that this magnificent historic home provides.

Address:  Deustua St, 576, Puno.

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