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Restaurants in Puno

Restaurants in Puno

Puno,  a city surrounded by the highest navigable lake in the world and recognized as the Folkloric Capital of Peru, also holds a great gastronomic experience, and though it might not be as diverse as in the Gastronomic Capital of Peru, the restaurants do provide and exceed expectations.

As you may know, Peru is praised worldwide for its culinary art, and how not to? Our country holds over 2,500 typical dishes with unique and exotic ingredients that will leave your taste buds spellbound by their exquisiteness.

We, as Peruvians, see our gastronomic experience as an extension of our history, a cultural expression that will live on through generations, which is why we are eager to show you the best places to eat in Puno. Continue reading and start planning the perfect indulgence meal after a long day of excursions.

1. La Table del’ Inca
It is a French-owned restaurant located a few blocks away from the Plaza Mayor de Puno. La Table del’ Inca could be the most sophisticated restaurant in Puno, offering a French-Peruvian fusion, merging Andean traditional food with European techniques.

The dishes are presented artistically pleasing and the place offers a beautiful environment with stylish French touches in every inch of the restaurant.
Address: Ancash 239, Puno.

2. La Estancia Grill
For those meat lovers, La Estancia Grill has everything you’re looking for. Among the vast selection of pizza restaurants spread across the entire city, - trust us, it is almost the only thing you see - here’s a place that offers a Viking fest food selection.

La Estancia Grill offers a friendly atmosphere so you can hang out with friends, have some succulent dishes,  and have a delicious Pisco Sour. It is located only five minutes away from the main square.
Address: Libertad 137, Puno.

3. Tulipan’s Restaurant
This famous restaurant located in front of Puno’s main square is one of the most sought-after dining experiences in the city. Tulipan’s Restaurant is situated in La Casona Parodi and offers the perfect indoor and outdoor environments to enjoy Peruvian gastronomy.

The restaurant specializes in delicious sandwiches, meat, piled-high vegetables, and pizza (as you can expect). They also hold a great selection of South American wines.
Address: Jr. Lima 394, Puno.

4. La Casona Restaurant
It is one of the most popular restaurants in Puno, they are recognized for its authentic and spicy flavors, where traditional Peruvian cuisine merges with Spanish and African influences in a fine dining experience.

The restaurant offers the perfect atmosphere for locals and tourists, so it tends to book out quickly. If you want to experience the best of our gastronomic experience, this is the way to go!
Address: Lima 423, Puno.

5. Mojsa Restaurant
It is the most touristy restaurant in the city of Puno, and how wouldn’t it be since it’s located right in front of Plaza de Armas and the Puno tourist information office. The site offers the perfect setting for people-watching from its warm wooden balcony, which strategically overlooks the entire main square.

The menu has a vast selection of traditional Peruvian dishes and standard international food. Mojsa Restaurant is certainly one of the best places to unwind your mind and have a more intimate experience with Peruvian gastronomy.
Address: Jr. Lima 635 - 2nd Floor, Puno.

6. Cafe Bar - Casa del Corregidor
It is the oldest colonial mansion in the city, Casa del Corregidor was built in the XVII century. Nowadays, Casa del Corregidor serves as a cultural center, coffee shop, restaurant, and bar.

its facilities were accommodated to offer an intimate experience between art, food, and history. The colonial mansion offers the perfect setting for a mid-morning coffee, a great lunch, or just a chilly night out.
Address: Jr. Deustua 576, Puno

This list includes the best places to eat in Puno. If you’re looking to make a reservation in advance, make sure to contact them as soon as possible since most of them tend to book out very quickly.

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