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Do Shopping in Puno

Do Shopping in Puno

For those who enjoy nature and culture, the southern Peruvian region of Puno is a real wonderland. Puno's striking Andean scenery and the glistening Lake Titicaca provide a singular experience that satisfies the senses. Aside from its scenic splendor, this area is renowned for its varied business options and rich artisan heritage.

A few stands are selling woolen and alpaca crafts. They are in the outdoor market outside the railroad tracks. The tracks are between Avenida Titicaca and Jirón Melgar. They are less expensive here than in those places, yet the quality may not be as good as at certain upmarket stores.

Along Jirón Lima, the pedestrian-only main strip, and on Jirón Grau (immediately off Lima), there's an array of souvenir and apparel shops. The nonprofit Fair Trade Store (La Tienda de Comercio Justo) is on the patio of La Casa del Corregidor's. A location that you should not be missed.

When you buy items made of alpaca and wool, half of the price goes to the rural craftsmen named on the products. This is not the case in most sales. Be careful because some establishments don’t accept credit cards.

Some Markets you can visit

In case you're in the mood to explore a local market, Puno’s central market is your best choice. This market is bustling. Customers may discover a large selection of goods here at low costs. 

The market is separated into many areas, each devoted to a certain kind of goods, such as apparel, home goods, and traditional Andean textiles.  We recommend spending at least one to two hours at the market to thoroughly explore the area and find. the greatest prices.

The San Juan neighborhood, or Barrio de San Juan, is a historic area, known for its cobblestone lanes and homes built in the colonial style. In the region, tourists may discover a variety of traditional Andean fabrics, handicrafts, and mementos. There are also several classic eateries and pubs in the Barrio of San Juan. From the Plaza de Armas, guests may walk or take a cab to go to the area.

Street Markets

Every year, the city hosts an enormous event called  La Feria Artesanal de Puno. The fair displays a vast array of goods. These include handicrafts, souvenirs, and traditional Andean fabrics. Reasonably priced apparel, jewelry, and other products are available for visitors to buy. 

The market also has food vendors, traditional dance performances, and live music. The Feria de Puno is easily accessible by foot or cab, and it usually takes place in July or August each year. 

Visitors may find a wide range of things at affordable prices at "El Mercado del Medio Dia," a daily traditional street market. The market has a large variety of things. 

These include handicrafts, jewelry, clothing, and household and decorative items. They are made from traditional Andean textiles. Visitors may select from a variety of street food vendors in the neighborhood. It's easy to walk from the city center to the Puno Market. 

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