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We are a travel operator, legally incorporated under RUC No. 20564307841, located in the city of Cusco, Peru. We have various packages that provide travelers with unique and unforgettable experiences. Thinking about the needs and expectations of our clients, we guarantee the quality of our services, in addition to what they expect from a travel agency.

We offer the best options for itineraries and travel packages to Peru, with the best quality-price ratio; the client will be able to choose their package with the best hotels, restaurants and services in Peru. We carry out authentic experiences.


The dreams of our clients are immersed in our packages, we seek to make unique experiences, for their full satisfaction; with the best options in hotels, restaurants and other services that will make a difference in your unforgettable trip through Peru.

Our packages are full of tourist attractions that go from the coast, through the mountains and Peruvian jungle. Peruvian gastronomy is varied and globally recognized by the most renowned chefs; the cordiality of the Peruvian people and the historical and cultural wealth, are inherited from the Inca culture and so many other native peoples that make Peru an unmissable destination to visit.


To be the best tour operator in Peru, a solid company that provides a differentiated and exclusive service to its passengers, improving and ensuring the flow of tourist activity in our country. Thus spreading the fascinating cultural legacy that we possess thanks to our ancestors of the Inca culture; being one of his most outstanding works, the citadel of Machu Picchu, one of the most visited places on the planet.

We are the only Travel Operator for Peru, which has the best offers and benefits for its clients and partners (operators and tourism agencies), since we are very knowledgeable about history, culture and territory of that destination, because our collaborators and guides are all native, possessing the gaze of who really knows the local day to day. 



We prioritize honesty, seeking to show our clients, through our disclosures in digital media, the trust and veracity in our services. This is a fundamental value for a serious company, which seeks agility in customer service and, consequently, customer satisfaction.


To further guarantee the relevance of our services, there is almost real-time support, with 24-hour assistance every day, throughout the trip, in the event of unforeseen events and emergencies, from the moment the traveler enters the country, until your return, guaranteeing exclusive and total security


We guarantee full responsibility with our commitments together with our clients, we make available a team committed to the full development of activities and, an important requirement is punctuality. In atypical cases, when, due to external force, there is a change in schedules, the client is previously informed via e-mail, telephone or WhatsApp, so that


We believe that tourism is a socioeconomic activity that must contribute to the development of a country. Thus, we practice sustainable and solidarity tourism in our region. Therefore, we have agreements with social projects, which our clients can visit and interact with our native communities.


We are specialists in developing travel packages for Americans and English speakers, for a destination called Peru. We make your trip according to your availability, always taking care that your expectations are exceeded.

Because we are native, we know the destination quite well, which facilitates interaction and communication between our collaborators and guides, who speak the languages that are requested, making our service more personalized, earning international recognition in the tourism market. With Viagens Machu Picchu, you acquire the best experience realizing your dream of knowing one of the 7 wonders of the world.

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