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Cutimbo Tour

Cutimbo Tour

The Cutimbo Archaeological Complex is southwest of Lake Titicaca, it is known for its ancient funerary towers and rock paintings. These date back over 8,000 years when the Lupaca, Colla, and Inca civilizations built it. They look like those found in Sillustani and show the region's cultural importance.

The monumental tombs are called "chullpas."  (sarcophagi) They were built for notable individuals, as they have internal mortuary chambers, conical roofs, and trapezoidal niches for mummies. Surrounding these are smaller graves, including caves and cists, possibly related to the Lupaca culture. 

Cutimbo's strategic plateau location echoes the burial practices of the Colla and Lupaca peoples, these practices continued during the Inca rule. Tourists can visit Cutimbo from Puno, a short 25-minute drive followed by a half-hour walk. The site's entrance fee is minimal, and guided tours are recommended to understand its historical context fully.

This itinerary includes hotel pickup, a visit to Cutimbo, and an optional extension to San Luís de Alba, an abandoned Spanish town. Viagens Machu Picchu offers custom experiences that come with certified guides and safe transport. Like this, you will have a guaranteed full exploration of Peru's rich culture.

Tour Itinerary - Private Service

This time, you'll have the opportunity to explore one of Puno's most fascinating sites. We want you to enjoy it to the fullest, so we've designed an exclusive itinerary for you to visit each place calmly and appreciate everything.

08:45 AM - 09:00 AM |  Our team, led by our tour guide will pick you up at the hotel to begin our adventure through the Andean highlands. Make sure to be ready on time so you don't miss a second of this unique experience.

09:45 AM - 11:15 AM | In Cutimbo Archaeological Site you'll discover the ancient funerary towers and their impact on this region. You'll also admire the rock paintings that are over 8,000 years old.

11:15 AM - 12:00 PM | Return to Puno After exploring Cutimbo, we'll return to the Folkloric Capital of Peru. If you wish, you can combine this activity with a Half-Day Tour of Lake Titicaca to delve deeper into our history and culture.

Optional Tour: If you're eager to continue uncovering Puno's history, we offer an optional excursion to the abandoned Spanish town of San Luís de Alba. If you're interested, it will only add 1.5 hours to your itinerary.

How to Book?

The Cutimbo Tombs are just 25 minutes from Puno, making it a day trip from the city. We recommend taking a guided tour so you don't miss any important details of this attraction. Our trip will take you through the most beautiful natural landscapes of the region before exploring this mystical place. To reserve the Cutimbo tour, simply contact our team.

We'll create a tailored itinerary for you and ensure you enjoy this experience to the fullest. Also, we have certified drivers and professional guides, we also have a GPS-monitored fleet of vehicles to ensure your safety and comfort at all time.

General Information:

  • Duration: Approximately 4 hours.

  • Entrance Fee: Included in the travel package.

  • Includes: Transportation, entrance fees, English-speaking guide, and hotel pickup.

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