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Inca Uyo Archeological Site

Inca Uyo Archeological Site

The Andean highlands are full of mysticism and magic worth knowing. The Inca culture left a deeply rooted legacy that has prevailed until the current date. The Inca Uyo is one of those places that though it has been lost overtime, it holds a sacred purpose between its ancient walls.

The Incas used to worship the elements and nature itself, being the Pachamama one of the principal deities of the Incas. They also believed that the water that came down the glaciers used to fertilize the earth, it was a source of life to all beings.

The famous Quechua culture had a great astronomical knowledge since they managed to analyze the position of the earth towards the sun to determine seasons and also establish their temples according to astronomical events.

Archeologists believe that Inca Uyo could have been a temple dedicated to ‘fertility’ though it also holds a controversial side that we’ll talk about later on this blog.

About Inca Uyo

These Inca remains have an extension of 200 square meters, it is composed of a thoughtfully carved stone wall that encloses about 80 lithic ‘fungiform’ monuments in its interior. It was declared a National Heritage Site in 2003.

The legend says that this temple could have been used to ‘cure’ women from infertility by performing a ritual where they used to sit on these monuments and pour Chicha (corn beer) on them. That way, they would know the fate of their womb by just looking at how the sacred liquid would run.

However, this has been discarded since those lithic monuments were planted by the locals in the XX century to promote tourism to the region. An unfortunate turn to an ancient place that could have a totally different meaning despite this intervention.

According to the excavations carried out on the site, Inca Uyo was an ancient temple dedicated to the worship of Mother Earth, where they used to perform ceremonies in honor of the agricultural productions they had.

How to visit Inca Uyo?

As we mentioned before, the pre-columbian ruins are located within the region of Puno, in the town of Chucuito, a few kilometers away from the city. Although there are no tours that can take you to these Inca remains, we could organize a day trip for you.

If you have some spare time to visit the Inca Uyo Archeological Site, make sure to contact our team to organize transport to and from this location.

It only takes 30 minutes to get to Inca Uyo. The attraction is open all year round and the entrance is only S/. 1.00.

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