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Aramu Muru Portal

Aramu Muru Portal

The “Aramu Muru Portal”, or “Hayu Marca", is located 35 kilometers from Puno City, south of the Ilave district in the Collao province. It's about a one-hour and 10-minute drive from Puno. The area is close to a fascinating stone forest and has a cold and fairly dry climate. 

The pre-Incan portal itself is shaped like a square with sides measuring 7 meters, carved into the rock. There has not been an in-depth archaeological study to determine when the first inhabitants began to consider this sacred site.

Aramu Muru (or sometimes Aramumuru) is a huge stone formation located in the region of Puno in southeastern Peru, several kilometers south of Lake Titicaca near Santa Rosa village. As it is the only megalithic doorway in Peru, that we are aware of, it is an extremely enigmatic site shrouded in mystery. Lately, it has received very little attention from the archaeological community. 

What is Aramu Muru?

According to the local indigenous people, the doorway (Puerta de Hayu Marka, or "The Gate of the Gods") is a portal to the lands of the gods and has been used since time immemorial. The natives call it Aramu Muru. However, as with many of these ancient sites, there is no effective way to date the construction of the doorway. Arumu Muru is, however, referred to by locals as ancient.

Aramu Muru is considered an energy point, and for many, it elicits psychological and physical sensations, which is especially true for those who walk through the doorway. The true purpose of the site and how important it was to the people of the high Andes is lost over time.  Only the builder could say, and they are now gone from this world. Are the spirits still at the gate? Only time will tell.

Legends about Aramu Muru

The legend goes that in the 16th century, the Spanish arrived in the Tahuantinsuyu region. An Inca priest named Aramu Muru, with a priestess, escaped from the conquerors and reached this portal, carrying the solar disk. It was an invaluable treasure for the Incas. According to the story, the priests used this disk as a portal to other dimensions. The disk allows them to pass through the stone wall and vanish from this world.

The strange thing that sets Aramu Muru apart from all other ancient sites in Peru is the "wall" that runs vertically down the exact middle of the doorway. According to this narrative, José Luis Delgado Mamani, an Aymara man, has heard the shamans' stories for a long time. They talked about a strong "golden solar disk" hiding behind an enigmatic "door".

After interviewing locals and finding the precise position of the "door," Mamani saw many parallels. They were between the age of the conquistadors and the oral histories. When the Spanish of the sixteenth century discovered that people worshipped the "Door of Aramu Muru," they began disseminating the myth that it was a heathen superstition and that believing it would only result in hell, thus the nickname "devil's door" among the locals.

Today, people perform various kinds of rituals at the portal in the hope of unlocking it. Legend has it that the door only opens for those spiritually prepared to connect with the spirit of Lake Titicaca. The doorway, which is in the shape of a solid stone arch, is approximately 23 feet wide and 22 feet high and is surrounded by a heavy, rectangular frame that brings the total height to about 28 feet. 

How to Get There

As we mentioned earlier, the pre-Columbian ruins are located within the Puno region, an hour away from the city. Our Aramu Muru Tour takes you through the most striking natural landscapes of Puno on the way to the famous archaeological site. Discover why several questions remain a mystery even now, and explore and feel the energy in this portal.

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