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Things to Do in Lima

Things to Do in Lima

We made this guide to convince you that you can make the most of your days in Lima since it has tons of activities to offer

Lima is Peru's capital city and South America's second-biggest city, has many attractions. The location is an area with some desert and a tropical climate, next to the Pacific Ocean.

The hotels and infrastructure, as well as its exquisite cuisine and beautiful scenery, are a few things we can't miss in Lima. Experience the abundance of Peruvian culture by visiting galleries and museums that display the country's history and soul. That’s why we assure if you decide to stay a little longer, it will be worthwhile

Historic Center and Miraflores

A good starting point is the colonial center where are many things to see. UNESCO declared La Plaza de Armas ( The Main Square) as a World Heritage Site because it houses more than 600 historical monuments.

Experience Lima's unparalleled cultural worth by daring to go back in time. Immerse yourself in the distinctiveness of the City of Kings during your visit to this recommended vacation spot.

Near the historic center, you’ll find a curious and picturesque neighborhood. It's the result of the long-term international relationship between China and Peru. We’re talking about El Barrio Chino, also known as Lima’s Chinatown.

Chinese immigrants came to Peru to work in agriculture. This is how Lima's Chinatown got its start. Over time, the amount of Chinese immigration increased, giving rise to Lima's Chinatown, Barrio Chino. 

It's not as Chinese overall and is now somewhat tiny. Yet, there are many Chinese advertisements. There are also chifas, which are Chinese-Peruvian restaurants. Drop by this neighborhood to feel the melange of Peruvian and Chinese culture while trying  a bit of Peruvian cuisine

Another place not too far from the historic center is the famous water fountains in Lima, or as Limeños call it “El Parque de la Reserva.” It is the largest Water Fountain Complex in the world. The splendor of the illumination, music, and colors here will captivate you. 

The magic water circuit has an 80-meter water fountain at the park's main entrance will keep you entertained, but the fun doesn't end there.

The main water fountain group at the site performs a series of pictures and movies that represent Peruvian culture. The performance is enhanced by lights, music, and movement as if there is still more to see.

After you visit Lima’s historic core and its attractions, you must also see the Miraflores district. Just like the colonial Center, Miraflores offers tons of fun and awaits your visit.

You can start taking a pleasant stroll in El Malecon,  a strolling area and boardwalk that runs along a cliff. There are parks, playgrounds, and gardens all along it. Locals and visitors all love it for biking, strolling dogs, and running. Come as the sun is setting to witness the sky changing color against the Pacific Ocean and a few nearby islands!

As you make your way, you will come across El Faro de la Marina (La Marina Lighthouse), which stands amidst parks on cliffs that overlook the Pacific Ocean.

Another gesture that shows Peru and China’s friendship is the Chinese Park. Inspired by traditional Chinese gardens, the park exudes calm, peace of mind, and harmony. It was created to celebrate Peru's 200th independence anniversary, 50 years of diplomatic relations between Peru and China, and 172 years of Chinese immigration to Peru.

A pair of traditional Chinese guardian lions welcome visitors at the entrance to Parque Chino. People believe they have mystical abilities to protect the park from negative spiritual influences. The Peruvian Chinese Community donated this Park and imported it from China along with many other ornaments.

Another popular location near El Malecon is Larcomar, which serves as a mall including "gastronomy," fashion, and entertainment. On a shopping trip, you can find about 100 stores here. Larcomar offers breathtaking views of the sea from nearly every angle. 

This shopping center stands out on its own. It's not included in travel guides. This is the place to go if you're looking for nice things to do on your trip. 

You can also sample national and international cuisine. While doing so, you can take in the expansive views of Lima's coastline!

Near Larcomar you’ll find a romantic location, El Parque del Amor (Love Park), a very well-known site popular with couples. It's arguably the most romantic, with views towards the coast, flowerbeds, colorful mosaics, and a statue of a giant couple hugging.

We assure you that you will create a beautiful and unforgettable memory of seeing the sunset with your loved one.

In the same Miraflores district, there’s El Parque Kennedy. It's well-known for its distinctive feature: the large number of cats that live there. Cats of all sizes and shapes roam the park's gardens and paths, looking for food and love from passersby.

Several eateries are along Diagonal Avenue opposite the park. One of them is the well-known Sanguchería La Lucha. Additionally, La Calle de las Pizzas (Pizza Street) is a busy area with pubs and dance floors on weekends.

The most significant and well-preserved archeological site in Miraflores is Huaca Pucllana. Huaca Pucllana is one of many pre-Columbian groups scattered across Peru's bustling metropolis. Yet this one in particular has a remarkable architectural style and a background that not many people are aware of. That’s why we suggest taking a day tour to fully see its value.

Besides Miraflores and the Downtown

Many people from ancient Peru came to El Templo Pachacamac in search of spiritual guidance and answers to their questions. They learned that the Pachacamac God could control the movements of the earth and predict the future.

The distance between Lima and this historic building is 50 kilometers. "Pachacamac" derives its name from two Inca words: Pacha, which means world, and Camac, which means encouraging. The God Doer Pachacamac, whose abstraction dates right back to the Incas, is an invisible god who is quite distinct from the human-like deities and those symbolized by the sun and moon. We recommend a guided tour to make the most of these ancient ruins.

Besides from historic ruins in Lima, a place you should go is Barranco, Lima’s bohemian district. Next to Miraflores, you’ll be amazed by its street art, its old buildings, and the incredible views.

The Bridge of Sighs (Puente de los Suspiros) is in the bohemian zone's center. Creative expression penetrates every part of its structure. This historical wooden bridge is known for its visually amazing urban scenery.

Bajada de Baños was once a roadway used by fishermen to reach the sea. Later, it became the official entrance to the beach. This was a long time ago before Barranco became the cultural and artistic hotspot it is today.

Therefore, many individuals built their beach villas here when it became a popular destination for the Limeñan aristocracy. Strolling around Bajada de Baños is like entering a whole new world of real street art, with vibrant murals covering nearly every wall. There are also artist booths that offer jewelry, artwork, and a variety of other items!

Barranco is a great place to enjoy nightlife because it has some of Lima's trendiest restaurants and bars. You can easily try foreign cocktails, including Peru's national drink, the pisco sour.

Several locations provide a variety of nightlife experiences according to your preferences. From beer companies to gin bars, you'll be happy you went to the bohemian quarter.

Leaving Barranco, near Miraflores, you’ll find one of Lima's top district food markets, Surquillo Market offers an eye-catching rainbow of fruit.

The vendors are glad to talk about the nutritional value of seeds or strange fruits like lucuma, aguaymanto, or chirimoya. You may also have some delicious, freshly made ceviche here.

One of the most popular districts for visitors who decide to stay in Lima for a few days is San Isidro, which is a lovely spot to explore and take in the open air. El Olivar Park, a lush park covering 10 hectares with a lake at its center, is located in this neighborhood.

Additionally, the financial area has some of the most significant embassies, the tallest structures, and the finest restaurants. You can visit the area by staying at one of the many 4 and 5-star hotels in San Isidro. This is an intriguing neighborhood in which to plan your Lima itinerary!

Some Museums You Cannot Miss

Peru is a cultural and historical treasure trove with a vast territory. Whether you are interested in art, culture, or history, the visually stunning capital of Peru will captivate you entirely. There are a lot of museums in Peru, especially in Lima, some of which are well-known worldwide.

The Larco Museum, which holds a sizable collection of ancient Peruvian civilizations, and The Museum of Gold and Weapons, which also has a sizable collection of gold items and weapons, are the two most fascinating museums in Lima.

A visit to the MALI - Lima Art Museum can be an excellent decision if you're looking for something different. You can learn more about Lima's other museums here.

About Accommodation in Lima

Just a few of the city's neighborhoods, like Barranco, San Isidro, and Miraflores, are popular tourist destinations. This makes it easier for you to choose lodging. You can always choose a hotel in Lima that fits your budget and holiday tastes because there are so many of them. For your trip to Lima, we suggest making hotel reservations in one of these neighborhoods. 


There are more reasons to stay in Lima longer because you’ll be near amazing places such as Paracas, a magnificent natural reserve on the coast of Peru. Huacachina is a stunning oasis in the middle of a desert, where you can sandboard. Or you may fly over the mysterious Nazca Lines. You can do all these tours in a one-day trip.

Our goal at Viagens Machu Picchu is to make your trip to Peru one you will never forget. Click this link to see our current specials on Peru travel packages. Start planning your trip to the home of the Incas right away!