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Paracas is located 4 hours away south of Lima, this beautiful beach town is home to an extensive biodiversity and one of the most visually striking sceneries of the Peruvian coast. This region is known for merging the Peruvian desert with the Pacific coast, creating an outstanding landscape in its arid horizons.

Besides, it also holds one of the first protected areas of Peru, the Paracas National Reserve, which comprehends a diverse marine life and exotic bird species that complement this location with their natural beauty.

Paracas is the perfect getaway destination for those escaping from the loud and stressful capital of Peru, becoming one of the most visited regions of the country. In addition to the natural attractions, the beach town is also famous for its gastronomic expression, where typical seafood dishes are one of the highlights of their culture.

Back in time, this arid but special region was inhabited by the famous Paracas culture, a civilization that preceded the Nazca but had a great influence in these lands. The Paracas culture is recognized for its complex textiles and pottery art, as well as their innovative fishing skills.

Peru is known for its diversity and ancient communities that most of them played a great role in the development of following civilizations. However, unlike other cultures, the Paracas didn’t leave a significant settlement or religious structure, but they did leave a legacy behind followed by the famous Nazca civilization.

Nowadays, the Paracas region attracts over 850,000 tourists per year thanks to its favorable summer-like weather and its natural wonders.

Best Attractions in Paracas

1. Ballestas Islands
Also known as the Peruvian Small Galapagos, they are a group of rock formations and islands located within the Paracas National Reserve, home to Humboldt penguins, exotic birds, and hundreds of sea lions.

This natural wonder offers a perfect ecosystem for all these beautiful creatures, making it the main tourist attraction in Paracas. You can easily visit them on a 2-hour boat tour and if you’re lucky enough, you’ll also get to see dolphins on the way there!

2. Paracas National Reserve
This outstanding attraction has an extension of 3,350 km2 and is home to different species of flora and fauna. The Paracas National Reserve offers an optimal environment for the development of marine fauna, making it one of the most diverse places within the Peruvian coast.

Besides, the authentic scenery of the region is recognized for merging the dry Peruvian desert with the vast pacific ocean. The different rock formations in this national reserve create an otherworldly landscape on their own. Among its different attractions are: The Cathedral and the Red Beach.

3. El Candelabro de Paracas
It is located at the northeast of the Paracas peninsula, and is one of the greatest mysteries of the region. El Candelabro is believed to be over 2,500 years old and its carving is related to the famous Nazca Lines, though it is not linked to this ancient civilization.

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Weather in Paracas
Paracas is part of the Peruvian desert and coast, meaning that this region enjoys a warm dry climate. Likewise, sunny and bright days are expected throughout the summer season, which takes place between December and April, being these the warmest months of the Peruvian coastal side with temperatures rising up to 18°C.

However, during the winter season, the story is another. The average temperature through this time of the year is 18°C. Although this region has predominant dry weather, occasional rainfall may occur during this season, and due to its geographic position, wind speed may rise up to 60km/h.

The weather in Peru varies according to its regions. Therefore, if you’re planning to visit Peru’s main attractions, make sure to know everything about the climate conditions of our country.

How to Get to Paracas?
For most travelers visiting Southern Peru, Paracas is the first stop since it is only a 4-hour drive from the city of Lima. However, there are many companies that operate this route which can be a hassle to decide which one is the most reliable.

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