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Huaca Huallamarca

Huaca Huallamarca

For those with extra time to explore the famous Gastronomic Capital of Latin America, we highly recommend you getting immersed in the ancient history that revolves around the now busiest city of Peru. 

A Long time ago, the Peruvian central coast was the birthplace of many societies that paved the way to succeeding civilizations like the Incas themselves. The city spreaded across the region and around several ceremonial centers that predated the famous Quechua people.

One of these structures is located within the modern administrative district of Lima, San Isidro. Huaca Huallamarca is an ancient temple that holds many secrets within its towering truncated pyramid, and it’s certainly one of the attractions you should consider adding to your travel itinerary.

The site was built almost 2,000 years ago, even before the Lima culture began to rise in this territory. It was an important religious center and burial place for many societies of ancient Peru throughout different periods.

Unfortunately, due to the massive expansion of the city some of the structure was damaged. However, thanks to the hard work of many archeologists, now it is possible to understand even more about the site and, above all, the ancient structure was preserved.

Dare to jump into a back-in-time journey through Peru and uncover the enigma of these mysterious lands. Keep reading and learn everything you need to know about this archeological site!

Huaca Huallamarca Through Time

As aforementioned, Huaca Huallamarca is located in the upscale San Isidro neighborhood. It offers a major contrast with the towering modern buildings and its pre-Columbian structure. The impressive pyramid rises up to 20 meters of elevation from ground level and it’s composed of an authentic architectural style.

According to historians, it was built between 100 and 200 A.D. by a culture called Pinazo, originated in the central coast of Peru. However, time after the dissolution of this civilization, it was occupied by the Lima, Huaura, Sicán, Chincha and Ychsma cultures in different periods.

The site has an interesting structure, where the walls of the pyramids were constructed with small adobe bricks shaped like corn kernels, which indicates that it predates even the Lima culture.

Surprisingly, the Pinazo civilization had a great influence in these lands, and somehow their presence was known across the region, including their traditions. Nonetheless, the burial places and bodies found in these lands are attributed to other cultures that replicated the same customs as the ones that preceded them.

As aforementioned, the site was heavily adulterated by the hand of an anthropology enthusiast called Arturo Jiménes Borja, who restored the site but didn’t maintain its original structure. Nowadays, the site has an access ramp to allow the entry to the upper path of the adobe pyramid.

How to Visit Huaca Huallamarca?

Huaca Huallamarca is located within the Miraflores district in Lima and it remains as a paid tourist attraction. However, if you wish to see this historical monument, you can easily do it by taking a taxi. The famous ruins of Huaca Huallamarca comprehends many mysteries and details that you certainly can’t miss.

General Information:

- Address: Av. Nicolas de Rivera 201, San Isidro
- Operating Hours: Tuesday to Saturday - From 09:00h to 17:00h
- Entrance: Adults S/. 5.00. - Children S/. 1.00

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