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Nightlife in Lima

Nightlife in Lima

Yes, we know, there are so many things to do in Lima that sometimes the itinerary may fall short, and as if it wasn’t enough the city also provides everything for a fun night out. It may sound like we’re complaining about the city, but instead, we are highlighting the fact that there is never enough time while you’re on vacation.

Whether you’re the party traveler type or just want to enjoy a chilly evening listening to good live music with a glass of wine, then Lima is certainly the destination for you. In addition to its historical attractions, there’s another side of Lima that you may not know of.

The city is known for having bohemian-like nightlife, with pubs, bars, nightclubs, and more that complement the whole experience thoroughly. 

For those up to a bar-crawling night or just out for a few drinks, here we have gathered the most popular bars and nightclubs in the area, likewise, we’ve also added a few tips regarding safety so you can enjoy your night at its fullest!

1. La Noche de Barranco
Right at the heart of the Bohemian District of Lima, lies a characteristic bar full of magic and cultural expression. La Noche de Barranco was founded almost 24 years ago and has been open ever since, captivating their clients with live music every evening and an extensive selection of Peruvian and international cocktails.
Address: Sanchez Carrion 199, Barranco, Lima.

2. Carnaval Bar
For those looking for an authentic experience, the Carnaval Bar is the best option to go! The stylish bar offers a variety of drinks and cocktails with exclusive and artistic presentations including their dishes. The place is located in the upscale San Isidro district and provides an unforgettable nightlife expectation that will surely captivate you.
Address: Av. Aliaga 662, San Isidro, Lima.

3. Ayahuasca Restobar
It is certainly a one-of-a-kind setting located in a restored colonial mansion built between 1875 and 1895. The Ayahuasca Restobar offers an avant-garde atmosphere with a great selection of drinks and dishes. The place is very popular among local and foreign tourists which is why it tends to be booked out quickly. If you’re analyzing a few lima nightlife blogs, you’ll realize that this one is included in almost every one of them.
Address:  Av San Martin 130, Barranco, Lima.

4.  Molly’s
The famous Irish bar in Miraflores has withstood its recognition for years as one of the best Irish pubs in Peru. The place offers a typical Irish atmosphere and a variety of national and international drinks, as well as Irish desserts and dishes that you surely can’t miss. For those expats or travelers who want to feel connected to their roots, this is the right place to visit!
Address: Calle Berlín 172, Miraflores, Lima.

5. DaDa Bar
If you’re looking for a more artistic and cultural-oriented experience, the DaDa Bar is the most suitable option for you. The establishment is located within a remodeled colonial mansion composed of several indoor and outdoor rooms, decorated with the artistic expression of the region. Likewise, the quality of the service is great, which is complemented by their wide range of drinks.
Address: Av. San Martin 154, Barranco, Lima.

6. BarBarian
BarBarian was born thanks to the initiative of three young friends looking to create a beer for their own consumption. However, the experiment turned out so good that it granted recognition as the best artisanal beer in Peru for several years. Later, they opened a bar in the touristy hub of Miraflores and later expanded to other districts of Lima and also the city of Arequipa.
Address: Calle Manuel Bonilla 108, Miraflores, Lima.

7. Open Tapas Bar
If you’re looking for a more mature environment, the Open Tapas Bar could be the right option for you. It is another upscale bar located in the Miraflores district, it offers a wide range of drinks and appetizers. If you’re looking for a chilly and fun evening to spend with friends, then make sure to visit it.
Address: Francisco de Paula Camino 280, Miraflores, Lima.

8. Juanito

Juanito is one of the oldest bars in Barranco. Since it opened in 1937, writers and artists regularly visited the bar over the years. It was open until 2010, when the owner and namesake, Juan “Juanito” Casusol, died. However, after a four-year hiatus, his sons re-opened the bar in 2014. It is especially loved for the attentive and kind service, as well as the tasty food options. Stop in for a strong chilcano or a pint of beer. After that, we recommend the tacu tacu or aji de gallina if you’re hungry. Juanito is certainly among the most relaxed and friendliest Peruvian bars to experience Lima nightlife.
Address: Av. Almte. Miguel Grau 270, Barranco

Safety Tips

To have a peaceful night, do not take valuables to this place and everything you bring, always keep close by. Small thefts can happen in busier environments without your noticing, so keep your attention redoubled.

To get around, avoid walking alone through the streets of Lima, especially at dawn. Choose to use safe transport, such as official taxis. In case of any doubt, contact your travel agency and ask for information and tips.

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