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Modern and Colonial City Tour

Modern and Colonial City Tour

Experience Lima at its fullest with this excursion that will get you immersed in the two most recent eras of the city. The Modern and Colonial City Tour is the perfect option for those who want to get to know the Historic Center of Lima and the upscale neighborhoods of the country.

Lima offers an incredible contrast between the modern and colonial era, where its imposing colonial structures merge perfectly with the towering buildings of the city. The so-called City of Kings offers a great variety of attractions, which is why you should get to know at least the most significant among them.

On this opportunity, you’ll get to visit Lima’s old town, a UNESCO World Heritage Site that holds over 600 historical monuments that were built during the Colonial era.

Likewise, you’ll get to know the most touristic district of Lima, Miraflores, a neighborhood known for its modern architecture and for housing an ancient structure from 200 A.D. Also, you’ll be captivated by the picturesque scenery of Barranco, a bohemian and artistic district.

Dare to explore Lima like a local expert with our specialist team and uncover the magic behind the busiest city of Peru!

Tourist Attractions to Visit

1. Historic Center of Lima
It is the most significant area of the city due to its historical and cultural value. It was here where the Spanish conquerors established and built the first colonial settlement in the region. The city was divided as a chessboard, where each block is perfectly squared with 90° angles and distributed around the main square, Plaza Mayor.

Lima’s old town offers an authentic glimpse of how life was during colonial times since most of its structures have been preserved until the actual date, providing an authentic contrast of two hervely-marked eras.

As aforementioned, the Historic Center of Lima gathers over 600 historical monuments, which is why it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. The cultural value in Lima city is like no other, and here we’ll show you everything about it.

- Plaza San Martin
Right in the famous Nicolás de Piérola Avenue lies a public space considered as one of the most representative locations of the city of Lima. The San Martin Square was built in honor of the General José de San Martín, the general who led the Peruvian independence movement.

It was inaugurated in 1921 by the President Augusto Leguía, the site counts with a monument to the San Martín General made entirely of bronze, surrounded with flower gardens and four water fountains.

- Plaza Mayor
Also known as Plaza de Armas, it is located in the heart of the Historic Center of Lima. Around the square lie the Government Palace, the Cathedral of Lima,  the Municipal Palace, Archbishop’s Palace of Lima, and the Union Palace.

During the colonial era, Plaza Mayor served as a fighting ring, a market, and the city gallows. However, this was the place where Jose de San Martin proclaimed Peru’s independence. Currently, it remains listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site since 1991.

- Church and Convent of Santo Domingo
It is considered the perfect example of Colonial architecture within Lima’s old town. It was built in 1578, though it’s construction took over 50 years to complete. However, due to the many earthquakes that struck the city, some parts of its structure had to be rebuilt.

The Church and Convent of Santo Domingo houses the remains of the most significant Peruvian saints: Santa Rosa de Lima and San Martin de Porres, the first black saint in South America.

2. Miraflores
The famous district is known as the tourist center of the city, home to most of the hotels and renowned restaurants of the area. The Miraflores district lies on the top of the Limeñan coast cliff, granting an outstanding view to the vast Pacific Ocean.

Miraflores is also recognized as a shopping and entertainment center since it holds many shopping malls, nightclubs and bars. However, these are not the only attractions within this uptown-class suburb since it gathers art galleries, museums, and a famous archeological site as well.

- Huaca Pucllana
It is one of the 54 “huacas” located within the city of Lima. According to historians, Huaca Pucllana was mainly a ceremony center with some administrative features. However, different civilizations occupied this location who later used it with different purposes.

Huaca Pucllana is located in the heart of the Miraflores district and dates back to the 200-700 A.D. The attraction also offers an exclusive dining experience in a renowned restaurant within the archeological site.

- Parque del Amor
Located 20 minutes away from the Kennedy Park, Parque del Amor is the perfect place for a romantic walk, relax or admire the Pacific coast as this strategic place is also a viewpoint to much of the Costa Verde.

The Love Park is visually attractive due to its ceramic benches, its colorful flowers, and above all, the sculpture "El Beso" made by the artist Victor Delfin.

- Kennedy Park
Also known as Miraflores Central Park, it is located in the center of the Miraflores district and has an extension of 22,000 m2. This beautiful square is surrounded by the main restaurants, shopping centers, and top hotels in Lima.

The Kennedy Park is recognized for sheltering hundreds of stray cats which are taken care of by the Municipality of Miraflores and some non-profit foundations. Likewise, the famous Central Park offers recreational spaces for local artists, musicians, and many activities.

3. Barranco
This authentic district is famous for its artistic expression, where outstanding murals, live music, craft markets, restaurants, and bars give life and color to its streets. It is one of the oldest suburbs in Lima known for its impressive scenery with colonial and modern touches.

Barranco is also home to many art galleries and renowned museums of contemporary and colonial art. The bohemian district will leave you spellbound to its uniqueness, which is why we have included it in this tour through Lima.

Quick Tip: If you're staying in Lima for just 24 hours, you can visit any of these attractions and much more while you're there. Make sure to know everything about it while you are here!

Tour Itinerary

08:45h - 09:10h | Pick up from your hotel
Our team will pick you up from your accommodation so we can start our adventure through the architectural scenery of Lima.

09:30h - 09:45h | Plaza San Martin
This will be the first monument to visit in our excursion. Following the itinerary, we’ll continue towards the heart of Lima’s old town.

09:45h - 10:30h | Church and Convent of Santo Domingo & Plaza Mayor
The next attraction to visit is the Convent of Santo Domingo, one of the most important religious temples in the area. Later, we’ll head towards Plaza de Armas to know the main attractions in its surroundings.

10:30h - 11:30h | Miraflores
On this opportunity, we’ll get to visit the upscale district of Miraflores, a shopping and touristic center known for housing the most renowned hotels and restaurants in Lima. Also, we’ll have a stop to spot the Huaca Pucllana Archeological Site from the outside.

11:30h - 12:00h | Barranco
The famous bohemian and artistic district of Lima awaits to be rediscovered! Learn about the vas cultural expression of the place and learn about the best places to eat and enjoy the magical nightlife of the town.

12:30h - 13:00h | Drop off at your hotel
Once we’ve finished our excursion, we’ll drop you off at your accommodation so you can have some lunch and start exploring the city like a real local expert!

Quick Tip: If you want a more historical and cultural oriented experience, make sure to add the Gold Museum tour to this itinerary! Please, contact our travel specialists for further information.

How to Book?

If you wish to experience this tour at its fullest, we have the perfect adventure for you. Keep in mind that you can organize your trip according to your interests, we are here to help you with any inquiry you may have, including assistance during your travel planning process.

To book the Modern and Colonial City Tour, you just need to contact your travel agent. Our local expert team will make sure to optimize your time and experience with a tailored-made travel itinerary for you.

Likewise, we care to provide the best experience to each and every one of our passengers, which is why we count with certified drivers, professional guides, and an all-time monitored car fleet with GPS tracking.

General Information:

- Duration: 4 hours approx.
- Entrance: All entrance fees are included in the travel package.
- Included: Transport, entrance fees, english speaking guide, pick up at the hotel.

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