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Shopping in Lima

Shopping in Lima

In this special Lima guide, we showed you the best time to go, the best places to stay, and where you can get the most out of Peruvian Food. As Lima is a huge metropolis, it’s obvious that you’ll find interesting markets, shopping malls, department stores, gift shops, and so on, worth a visit. In this guide, we’ll show you some of the best markets in Lima for shopping.

Best Shopping Places in Lima

Centro Comercial Larcomar: Built on the cliffs with a view of the Pacific Ocean, Larcomar is a distinctive shopping center in Lima. It is situated in Miraflores on the" Malecón de la Reserva". As you can browse the stores while taking in the sea view, this shopping area offers an incredibly fascinating experience.

Larcomar offers a range of restaurants with views of the seaside, jewelry stores, handicraft shops, and apparel stores. The atmosphere is ideal for enjoying an exquisite meal while taking in the breathtaking view. Larcomar opens daily, it features movie theaters, clothing, and accessory boutiques, they also sell jewelry and decorative Peruvian designs.

Address: Malecon de la Reserva 610, Miraflores, Lima.

Indian Market: Travelers visiting Lima should visit the Indian Market. It's in the Miraflores area and sells stunning, locally crafted goods. This is one of the largest artisan markets in South America and the largest in Peru. As travelers approach the gate leading to the Indian Market, they are greeted by vibrant murals.

Stalls filled to overflowing with carpets, pottery, toys, statues, clothing, and other keepsakes of all kinds and sizes can be found. Every stand provides something unique for visitors who want to take a small piece of Peru home. Don’t be afraid to ask for a lower price because most sellers can bargain. In a similar vein, certain booths may provide Peruvian or antique goods.

Address: Petit Thouars Ave, 5245, Miraflores, Lima.

Surquillo Market is your best option if you want the most traditional and local food experience in Lima. Surquillo Market is considered one of the best food markets not only in Lima, but Peru. People from all over the world go to the Surquillo Market. They go to buy cheap, fresh ceviche, fried fish, and other Peruvian meals from the market vendors.

Given that diners can buy an economical two-course menu, seafood is well prepared at a low cost. The first course (entrada) is usually ceviche or soup, followed by the second course (segundo) of fried fish or pork with rice. The market is a feast for the senses because of its delicious menu options, you’ll see meat, fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices, and medicinal plants from all across Peru.

Address: Paseo de la Republica Ave, Surquillo, Lima

Gamarra is a huge business center. It focuses on the fashion industry and is located in the heart of the vibrant district of La Victoria, it's often called "El Emporio Comercial de Gamarra" (Gamarra Commercial Emporium). Gamarra has affordable prices, which have made it a popular and well-visited destination.

People from different parts of Lima and even some foreigners visit Gamarra looking for high-quality materials, such as Pima cotton. Gamarra grew quickly, especially during the urban exodus of the mid-20th century, currently, it houses over 40,000 stores. Although there are also cafes, restaurants, and other businesses, the focus is on clothing.

Address: Aviacion St, La Victoria, Lima.

Jockey Plaza: This is your greatest choice if you're looking for Lima's largest mall. This center is different from San Miguel Shopping Center in la Marina, or “Centro Civico Shopping Center”. This shopping Mall is located in the Santiago de Surco area. This is a full-service city. It has over 400 stores and many dining options as well as family-friendly attractions. 

This place has everything you need, from high-end couture to local labels. The shops are open every day, and there also cinema theaters, a convention center, a medical facility, 4,000 parking spaces, and a 1,500-person food court are among its other amenities.

Address: Javier Prado Ave, Surco, Lima.

Honorable Mentions

Nuestro Mercado, Barranco has a crafts market. It embodies the creative energy of one of Lima's most bohemian and artistic districts. A vast variety of handcrafted goods are available here, ranging from ceramics and sculptures to fabrics. This market is fun to explore because of its charming setting and distinctive stores.

Polvos Azules: It is well known that Lima's biggest electronics market is located at Polvos Azules. It is situated in the La Victoria neighborhood. The store offers a wide variety of electrical gadgets.  It includes cell phones, home appliances, and technological items. The market also provides an extensive assortment of reasonably priced apparel, shoes, and other goods.

Dedalo, Arte & Artesania: This location blends an artisan store with an art gallery. It is located in Barranco's Peña 295. Its well-planned spaces become living galleries. They showcase a wide range of handicrafts and artwork. You will be immediately struck by the variety of colors, shapes, and textures that adorn every square inch of this cultural location.

Also, they sell unique products. These include ready-to-wear fashion, recyclable materials, furniture, accessories, jewelry, and Peruvian handicrafts. Dédalo is the go-to person for everyone looking for anything that would surprise, captivate, or appeal to them. His life experience has taught him that quality, and creativity, are always reliable. 

As you saw, Barranco, Miraflores, or San Isidro are the places where these shops are mostly gathered. Lima has shopping malls almost in every district, so wherever you are in Lima, there will be a place to shop near you. Keep in mind that Viagens Machu Picchu can make easier your stay in Peru and other Peruvian destinations. Let’s discover together what Lima has to offer!