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Where to Stay in Lima

Where to Stay in Lima

Lima, next to the Pacific Ocean, is a bustling city rich in culture, flavor, and natural environment. The city has a diverse range of attractions and experiences for all sorts of tourists. It also has a vast array of hotels and areas to stay, each with a unique character and interests. 

Choosing where to stay in Lima is one of the most simple elements of organizing a trip to the Peruvian city. This is because, despite the city's size, only a few areas, such as Miraflores, San Isidro, and Barranco, are major tourist destinations. There are several hotels in Lima, so there will always be a choice that fits your budget and travel style.

For your trip to Lima, we recommend staying in one of these districts. They're close to Lima's Historic Centre and the city's tourist attractions. These include the Government Palace and colonial buildings. Additionally, there is the Basilica and Convent of San Francisco.

Best Areas to Stay

Miraflores is ideal for people going for fun! The area is well-kept, with many tourist attractions, restaurants, bars, and shops. Larcomar, one of Lima's largest shopping malls, has a rooftop terrace where you’ll get a stunning sea view.

Given the Miraflores district is extremely wide, We suggest staying near Kennedy Park, which has many stores, or near Larcomar. Besides, you'll find Huaca Pucllana, one of Lima's most popular attractions for visitors.

Among the best 3-star hotels to stay in Miraflores are: 

• Allpa, Faraona Grand Hotel,Britania,Ferré Miraflores, and Arawi Miraflores Express

• Some 4-star hotels in Miraflores are Hotel Antara, El Condado Miraflores Hotel & Suites, and Casa Andina Premium Miraflores.

• Some of the most renowned 5-star hotels in Miraflores are JW Marriott Lima, Monasterio Belmond Miraflores, Radisson Decapolis Miraflores, and The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center.

On the other hand, there is the San Isidro neighborhood, which offers mostly to business visitors. Lima's financial district is called San Isidro. It's a posh neighborhood with superior lodging options, business establishments, and a ton of embassies, which can provide a certain level of tranquility during your trip.

Here you'll find hotels like Dazzler Lima, Sonesta Hotel El Olivar, The Westin Lima Hotel & Convention Center, and Los Portales Country Club Lima.

About other locations

There are hotels in downtown Lima as well, but if you're visiting the city for tourism, We wouldn't suggest staying there because Miraflores has a lot more attractions and lodging options. Just a short walking distance from Miraflores is Barranco, a beautiful district by the sea that is also exclusive, can be something to consider if you want to stay in a bohemian area close to nice restaurants and nightlife.

When compared to other major cities throughout the globe, hotel rates in Lima are fairly affordable. It is possible to locate options for lodging without running over budget. Some hotels provide good value even in the city's most popular areas. To secure the best possible deals, we recommend you book hotel reservations well in advance.

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