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Bike Tour

Bike Tour

For those looking to experience the most beautiful areas of the city or just to unwind your mind as you pass by the shores of the pacific ocean and the beautiful evergreen parks in Miraflores, we have the perfect activity for you.

Although the city of lima doesn’t have an entire system of bike lanes, the upscale districts of Miraflores and Barranco do. For that reason, bike tours or bike rentals are the most sought after options in these neighborhoods.

There are different routes to explore both natural and urban sceneries, which are complemented with outstanding views of the pacific ocean in the Miraflores boardwalk and the artistic expression of Barranco. 

If you have extra time in your Lima travel itinerary, this could be the best option for you. Dare to explore the so-called City of Kings like a local expert and live the authentic colors of Lima while you’re here.

What to Do?

1. Miraflores
The famous district is known as the tourist center of the city, home to most of the hotels and renowned restaurants of the area. The Miraflores district lies on the top of the Limeñan coast cliff, granting an outstanding view to the vast Pacific Ocean.

Miraflores is also recognized as a shopping and entertainment center since it holds many shopping malls, nightclubs and bars. However, these are not the only attractions within this uptown-class suburb since it gathers art galleries, museums, and a famous archeological site as well.

- Discover Huaca Pucllana
It is one of the 54 “huacas” located within the city of Lima. According to historians, Huaca Pucllana was mainly a ceremony center with some administrative features. However, different civilizations occupied this location who later used it with different purposes.

Huaca Pucllana is located in the heart of the Miraflores district and dates back to the 200-700 A.D. The attraction also offers an exclusive dining experience in a renowned restaurant within the archeological site.

- Stroll around Parque del Amor
Located 20 minutes away from the Kennedy Park, Parque del Amor is the perfect place for a romantic walk, relax or admire the Pacific coast as this strategic place is also a viewpoint to much of the Costa Verde.

The Love Park is visually attractive due to its ceramic benches, its colorful flowers, and above all, the sculpture "El Beso" made by the artist Victor Delfin.

- Meet the cats at Kennedy Park
Also known as Miraflores Central Park, it is located in the center of the Miraflores district and has an extension of 22,000 m2. This beautiful square is surrounded by the main restaurants, shopping centers, and top hotels in Lima.

The Kennedy Park is recognized for sheltering hundreds of stray cats which are taken care of by the Municipality of Miraflores and some non-profit foundations. Likewise, the famous Central Park offers recreational spaces for local artists, musicians, and many activities.

2. Barranco
This authentic district is famous for its artistic expression, where outstanding murals, live music, craft markets, restaurants, and bars give life and color to its streets. It is one of the oldest suburbs in Lima known for its impressive scenery with colonial and modern touches.

Barranco is also home to many art galleries and renowned museums of contemporary and colonial art. The bohemian district will leave you spellbound to its uniqueness, which is why we have included it in this tour through Lima.

- Visit Bajada de Baños
A long time ago, before barranco became the cultural and artistic hub it is today, Bajada de Baños was a street used by fishermans to get to the sea, and eventually became the official access to get to the beach. 

Therefore, when it started to be a touristic place for the Limeñan aristocracy, many people established their beach houses in this location. Nowadays, these colonial-style and popsicle-colored mansions house the most exquisite restaurants in the area.

Walking through Bajada de Baños is a total immersion in the authentic street art of the city, where almost every wall is decorated with colorful murals. Likewise, you’ll also find artisan stands where they sell jewelry, paintings and much more!

- Get to know La Ermita Chapel
La Ermita Chapel is located above the pedestrian walkway ‘Bajada de Baños,’ a few meters away from the Bridge of Sighs. The famous church was built in 1750 in a sacred place to the cristianity community of Lima since it was here where an illuminated cross supposedly appeared during bad weather guiding local fishermen back to shore.

However, the chapel was burned down and looted by the Chilean troops during the war in 1992. Therefore, it is only possible to visit it from the outside since it remains closed to the public. However, the Ermita Chapel also offers a great viewpoint with views of the coastline.

- Contemplate the sunset from Barranco’s coastline
Head down through the old but colorful Bajada de Baños and find the path towards the beach, buy a few drinks from the nearby shop, and just sit and relax around the ocean shore.

Barranco couldn’t be more magical during the golden hour, and trust us, you’d wish you do this before you leave. Take a time from all the walking and just unwind to the sound of the waves, while the sun fills you up with energy for the rest of the evening.

Quick Tip: If you're staying in Lima for just 24 hours, you can visit any of these attractions and much more while you're there. Make sure to know everything about it while you are here!

How to Book?

We have different experiences in our travel packages where we want to portray the cultural and natural side of Peru as an eminent force in our society. For that reason, we have structured this activity to give you a unique adventure through Lima

If you wish to join our Lima bike tour, you just need to contact us and start planning your dream vacations. Take advantage of this opportunity and get immersed in the beautiful urban scenery of the City of Kings.

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