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Restaurants in Lima

Restaurants in Lima

For those who may not know, Lima was recognized as the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America due to its extensive culinary expression that includes dishes from all across the country and combinations of exotic Peruvian flavors with international cuisine.

Therefore, if you’re eager to sample some of Peru’s delicacies, you should definitely take some time to visit at least one of the best restaurants in Lima listed on this blog. The also-called City of Kings houses the most renowned restaurants in the world, some of them belong to the top 50 worldwide listings.

For that reason, Lima should not be overlooked during your time in Peru. The region offers an incredible mixture of flavors that will certainly leave you breathless. 

The Peruvian Gastronomy has certainly evolved thanks to the different cultures that marked our territory, even the ones that came from abroad. Thanks to our multicultural lands, Peruvian cuisine has given a turn to gastronomy in Latin America.

We want you to have an authentic adventure through our beautiful country, but we also want to show you the best of our traditions and customs. From the culinary fusion Nikkei to the most typical Peruvian dishes, here we have gathered 7 restaurants to help you decide.

1. Maido Restaurant

As aforementioned, Lima is also recognized for its Peruvian and international cuisine and the Maido restaurant is certainly the perfect example of it. The restaurant is run by the chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, who harmonizes the exotic flavors of Peru with the complexity of Japanese cuisine.

The restaurant was recognized as the best restaurant in Latin America for two consecutive years, and the 10th best restaurant in the world as well. Recognition is granted to the diversity of flavors and the authentic gastronomic experience they offer.

The Maido Restaurant was founded in 2008 and offers the Nikkei Gastronomic Experience for about 100 USD. If you wish to sample chef Tsumura’s culinary art, then you must make a reservation long in advance. 
Address: Calle San Martin 399, Miraflores, Lima.

2. La Rosa Náutica 

At some point around 1983, La Rosa Nautica was born, a restaurant located in the Miraflores district but in a particular location that has captivated everyone from the coastline cliff in the upscale neighborhood. 

The restaurant offers a marine gastronomic experience based on international cuisine and Peruvian gastronomy. The site sits on a pier-like structure just above the Pacific Ocean and it’s recognized for its authentic and exotic flavours.

Certainly, La Rosa Náutica offers an incredible gastronomic experience, which is complemented by the romantic sound of the weaves, a privileged view of the sunset, or a romantic evening sitting over the shores of the Pacific Ocean.
Address: Espigón Miraflores, Circuito de Playas, Miraflores, Lima.

3. Punto Azul

For those looking for the best ceviche in town, Punto Azul could be the best option! The renowned restaurant started with a small establishment in 1992, which due to its authentic flavor grew exponentially and eventually became one of the best seafood restaurants in Lima.

Punto Azul is considered the best spot for lunch in the heart of Miraflores with a great variety of marine delicacies, but mainly specialized in Ceviche, the flag dish of Peru. Likewise, they also offer a small selection of vegetarian options.

The restaurant is famous for the freshness of the ingredients used in their preparations and flavors, which is why it tends to book out quickly. However, Punto Azul doesn’t accept reservations, which is why a line grows out the door in peak hours.
Address: Calle San Martin 595, Miraflores, Lima.

4. La Mar

It is another restaurant belonging to chef Gastón Acurio's gastronomic empire, La Mar is another of the best options to sample ceviche with a traditional preparation and modern touches. The restaurant was recognized as one of the 50 Best Restaurants in the World, adding great value to the legacy of this renowned chef.

Gaston Acurio is a Peruvian culture ambassador and this has been shown across his different brands where he looks to reflect the social and cultural elements that enclose the creation of a dish. La Mar restaurant is famous for its authentic Peruvian flavor, as well as for the freshness of its organic ingredients. 

The innovative restaurant combines Peruvian cooking with haute cuisine to create a world-class dining experience. Gastón Acurio has expanded the La Mar brand across the Americas, where Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Miami, San Francisco, and even Santiago de Chile can sample the delicacies of the Peruvian region.
Address: Av. La Mar 770, Miraflores, Lima.

5. Ámaz

If your travel itinerary doesn’t take you to the Peruvian Amazon basin, you will be glad to know that you won’t have to skip part of its culture during your trip to Peru. Ámaz was born with the initiative to explore the authentic flavors of the Jungle, building a bridge between the gap of the Amazon and Lima.

The restaurant has an Amazon-like atmosphere with tables under a fishing net dome and an exclusive gastronomic experience in the heart of Miraflores. 

Ámaz is run by the renowned chef Pedro Miguel Schiaffino, who spent years exploring the Peruvian Amazon looking for indigenous techniques and inspiration to create the delicacies of his now famous restaurant.
Address: Av. La Paz 1079, Miraflores, Lima.

6. Central Restaurant

Exotic and authentic flavors will make this a memorable gastronomic experience! The extensive knowledge of the chefs Virgilio Martinez and Pia Leon has positioned the Central Restaurant as the 6th Best Restaurant in the World.

Their main dishes are known for having a combination of typical Peruvian ingredients and the unique flavors of the Amazon, accompanied by an exotic decoration, where scent and color are the predominant assets. The Central Restaurant is also recognized for the purification of the water used to prepare the dishes, which goes through a special treatment of filtration by reverse osmosis. 

The vegetables and fine herbs that complement these delights are produced by the restaurant, which gives them optimal quality control on their organic products.
Address: Av. Pedro de Osma 301, Barranco, Lima.

7. Astrid y Gastón

Among all the renowned restaurants in Lima, the Astrid & Gaston Restaurant is positioned as the 67th Best Restaurant in the World. Likewise, this restaurant is recognized for having the best seasoning reserve since they are produced in their sustainable garden.

Astrid & Gaston Restaurant opened its doors to the public in 1994. Initially, their dishes maintained French culinary characteristics; eventually, they transitioned into more Peruvian-influenced dishes, which contributed to the rise of this culinary art.

Over 30 dishes are prepared under the rigorous gaze of chef Gastón Acurio, with unique ingredients from Lima. Live a special and exquisite gastronomic experience by trying the typical delicacies of Peru in this restaurant.
Address: Av. Paz Soldan 290, San Isidro, Lima.

If you’re looking for an authentic gastronomic experience in the city of Lima, we certainly have the best options. It is worth mentioning that we offer local cuisine-oriented travel packages, where you can get immersed in the most renowned culinary art of the Americas whilst still getting to know Peru at its fullest.