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Magic Water Circuit

Magic Water Circuit

If you’re spending the night in Lima, you surely can’t miss the Largest Water Fountain Complex in the World, where light, music and colors will leave you spellbound to its greatness. Also known as Circuito Mágico del Agua in Spanish, is everyone’s favorite attraction in Lima, here we’ll tell you why.

The famous capital of Peru holds many treasures hidden in its vast lands. However, many tourists choose to skip Lima to visit other attractions within the Peruvian territory, though there’s so much to see and experience in the so-called City of Kings that you’d wish to add more days to your itinerary.

Initially, the site was built as a demonstration of gratitude to the troops that defended Lima in 1879. Later, the site was accommodated to also express the cultural heritage of the country, as well as giving the population a fun and interactive place to enjoy.

Nowadays, the Magic Circuit of Water receives thousands of visitors per year, making it an unmissable attraction in the capital. If you have at least one day in Lima, make sure to add Parque de la Reserva in your itinerary!

The Magic Water Circuit

It is one of the oldest parks in Lima since it dates back to 1929. However, the park didn't count with the water fountains it has today. The site was built to honor the troops that defended Lima during the Pacific War between the 1879 and 1884.

For that reason, it is called Parque de la Reserva, which translates to 'Reserve Park' in English. The famous green area covers an extension of 8 hectares and it's located between the three main roads of Lima city: Luis Bedoya Reyes Avenue, Petit Thouars Avenue and Arequipa Avenue.

The landscaping and distinctive architectural style was the work of the French architect Claude Sahut, who also incorporated sculptures made by Peruvian artists.

In addition to the beautifully-made structure, the site holds a masterpiece of the famous Peruvian painter José Sabogal, called Casita Andina or Casa Sabogal. Besides being a praised artist, he also paved the way to a political ideology called Indigenismo, which looked to integrate and create a stronger bond between the nation state and indigenous minorities.

After several years, the Parque de la Reserva had to be restored after several years of deterioration, it reopened its doors to the public in October 2000. Later, the site was closed again during the municipality management of Luis Castañeda Lossi, who incorporated 13 water fountains to the park.

The now-called 'Circuito Mágico de las Aguas' was inaugurated in July 2007. The circuit, as aforementioned, holds 13 machine-controlled water fountains, which positioned it as the World's Largest Water Fountain Complex in the Guinness Book of World Records.

The park offers an incredible experience since each and every one of its water fountains is controlled by a system of computers. Therefore, each of them offers an incredible show, where lights, colors, movements, music, and images complement the entire scenery.

Likewise, there are several interactive water fountains, where children can play during their visit. However, the fun doesn't stop there since you'll be amused by the 80-meter water fountain located in the main entrance of the park.

And as if there wasn't anything else to show, the site offers a performance in the principal water fountain group, where they project a series of images and videos allusive to the Peruvian culture, which are complemented with music, lights, and movements.

How to Visit Parque de la Reserva?

As you may know, the Magic Water Circuit Park is located in downtown Lima, a few kilometers away from the Miraflores district. If you wish to experience this impressive show, we recommend you take a Lima City Tour at night, where you’ll visit the main historical monuments and get immersed in the beautiful nocturnal scenery of the city.

Luckily for you, we have an exclusive activity that takes you through these man made wonders, including a gastronomic experience at the end of the evening. For more information, please contact our travel specialists.

This could be one of the many things to visit in Lima in 24 hours! So, if you'd like to know how to make the most of your experience check this blog about the 5 things to do in Lima in one day.

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