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Miraflores District

Miraflores District

The famous Miraflores district is known as the tourist center of the city, home to most of the hotels and renowned restaurants of the area. The upscale neighborhood lies on the top of the Pacific coast cliff, granting outstanding views of the Pacific Ocean.

Miraflores is also recognized as a shopping and entertainment center since it holds many shopping malls, nightclubs, and bars. However, these are not the only attractions within this suburb since it also comprehends art galleries, museums, and a famous archeological site.

If spending some time in Lima, we highly recommend staying in this modern neighborhood, where its sea-facing boardwalk and stylish scenery will surely captivate you.

The neighborhood is recognized for being one of the most striking districts for its diversity, organization and security. Therefore, it is considered the best place to stay in Lima thanks to its touristic infrastructure. Keep reading and find out what to do in this outstanding neighborhood:

1. Visit the Kennedy Park
Also known as Miraflores Central Park, it is located in the heart of the district and has an extension of 22,000 m2. The beautiful square is surrounded by the main restaurants, shopping centers, and top hotels in Lima.

The Parque Kennedy is recognized for sheltering hundreds of stray cats which are taken care of by the Municipality of Miraflores and some non-profit foundations. Likewise, the famous Central Park offers recreational spaces for local artists, musicians, and many other activities.

2. Explore the Miraflores Boardwalk
It is located at the edge of the coastal cliff in Miraflores, granting outstanding views of the Pacific ocean and its surroundings. Also known as Malecón de Miraflores, it is an esplanade of over 5 kilometers long, which comprehends several parks on Lima’s coastal side.

3. Be spellbound by Parque del Amor
Located 20 minutes away from the Kennedy Park, Parque del Amor is the perfect place for a romantic walk, relax or admire the Pacific coast as this strategic place is also a viewpoint to much of the Costa Verde.

The Love Park is visually attractive due to its ceramic benches, its colorful flowers, and above all, the sculpture "El Beso" made by the artist Victor Delfin.

4. Enjoy the Ciclovías in Miraflores
Miraflores is also known for its system of bicycle trails that connect the district with San Isidro and Barranco. Don't miss the opportunity to enjoy the natural and architectural landscapes of Miraflores. 

Here you can rent bicycles, skateboards, roller skates, and more. Plan your route using Google Maps or your app of preference and get to know everything Miraflores has for you. 

5. Discover the Huaca Pucllana Archeological Site
Lima has 54 Huacas and most of them are from pre-Inca times. However, only a few are open to the public. You can also find ancient citadels in the outskirts of Lima, such as Caral, and ceremonial centers such as the Temple of Pachacamac.

The huacas were of great importance for the indigenous communities of Peru, these places served as centers of worship to the sun, the moon and other deities. Offerings and sacrifices were also carried out there and some were used as tombs.

Huaca Pucllana is one of the most significant and well preserved pre-Columbian ruins located in Miraflores. Also, the site has one of the best restaurants in the city, where you can have an excellent gastronomic experience.

6. Eat at Maido - One of the Best Restaurants in the World
If you wish to sample the best of the Peruvian gastronomy, visit Maido, a restaurant run by the incredible chef Mitsuharu Tsumura, who combines the complexity of the Japanese cuisine and the Peruvian culinary art in a gastronomic experience called ‘Nikkei.’

The Maido Restaurant has remained as one of the Top 50 Restaurants in the World for many years, which is why it’s been positioned as the most sought after restaurant in Lima. If you wish to sample Maido’s exotic dishes, you’ll have to make a reservation in advance since it gets booked out quickly.

7. Buy the Best Souvenir at the Indian Market in Miraflores
If you’re looking for a varied and big artisan market in Lima, then you should definitely visit the Indian Market in Miraflores. Located in Petit Thouars Avenue lies one of the biggest local markets where you can buy cheap souvenirs of your trip.

The market holds a great variety of artisan crafts and clothing. However, it is worth mentioning that if you’re looking for alpaca sweaters, it is advisable to do so in the city of Cusco since there’s a more considerable price range and better quality products.

Nonetheless, the site certainly captivates everyone since it gathers artisans from different regions of the country. The cultural expression here is like no other, therefore, we totally advise you to stroll around the place and find something remarkable to take home with you.

For those spending some time in Lima...

Usually, most tourists in Lima stay in the Miraflores district because of the wide range of accommodation options in the area and the many things to do there. However, others may like to stay in the financial district of San Isidro, whilst some might choose for a more bohemian experience in Barranco.

Whether you’re staying in any of these neighborhoods, Miraflores is just a few minutes away by taxi or walk from there. Therefore, for those who are spending some extra time in Lima, don’t forget to explore this authentic touristic district and get ready to be amazed by all the different activities it has to offer.

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