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Best Stuff and Places to Eat in Lima

Best Stuff and Places to Eat in Lima

In recent years, Peru, and especially its food has been on everybody's lips. When you are in Lima, a mandatory and delicious task is to try as many Peruvian meals as possible. Peruvians are proud and love of their food and we try to share the same love with people who come visit our home.

You’ll see why Peruvian food deserves so much praise. Tradition, innovation, and cultural blending define local gastronomy. Take a look below to see some Peruvian food history.

Some info about Peru and Food Relation

Several centuries ago, local grains, vegetables, potatoes plus legumes made up the majority of Peru's food. Peru's cuisine evolved from the blending of native cultures and Spanish colonialism. It also reflects Ara

This historical amalgamation gave rise to a few distinct culinary cultures and cuisines. Some examples are "Criolla food," (Influenced by European, African, and American cultures) "Nikkei food," (A combination of Japanese food with Peruvian ingredients), and "Chifa food." (Chinese food and Peruvian cuisine melange)

 Peru’s plenty of natural ingredients in various climates and its fertile land would be enough to grab attention. The combination of traditional flavors with modern influences is the main reason for the nation's gastronomic diversity and richness.

- Peruvian dishes use potatoes, corn, quinoa, sweet potato, yucca, fish, and shellfish. Some of the most well-liked regional cuisines are:

- Ceviche (Fish-based dish, seasoned with onions and lime juice).

- Lomo Saltado (Stir-fried beef, french fries, onion and tomato).

- Ají de gallina (Shredded chicken with a creamy tasty sauce).

- Causa limeña: (Smashed potato filled with different fillings).

- Papa a la Huancaína (potatoes in a spicy cheese sauce).

Our Best Restaurants in Lima Picks

Eateries at Lima's most famous restaurants aren't exactly cheap. But with so many options, there's something to suit any budget, ensuring a remarkable gastronomic experience in the city. Lima has a range of culinary experiences that match your interests, from light snacks to sophisticated dining.

 Our goal at Viagens Machu Picchu is to provide you with an authentic immersion into our country so you can enjoy its rich traditions and customs. Here is a list of restaurants that provide the best of Peruvian food, ranging from classic criolla food to Nikkei cuisine.

Maido Restaurant

Along with being well-known for its Peruvian food, Maido Lima has gained fame around the globe. Maido restaurant is a good example of this culinary fusion. It opened its doors in 2008 and offers customers the Nikkei Gastronomic Experience. Chef Mitsuharu Tsumura runs this restaurant, specializing in combining Japanese techniques with the delicious flavors of Peru.

Maido not only ranks tenth on the list of the top 50 restaurants worldwide but has also been named the greatest restaurant in Latin America for the past two years. These honors testify to the variety of tastes and authenticity it provides guests with. To enjoy Chef Tsumura's culinary delights, you must make reservations far in advance.

Address: San Martín St.  399, Miraflores, Lima.

La Rosa Náutica

The restaurant La Rosa Náutica, which is situated in the Miraflores neighborhood, has drawn attention from guests because of its unusual setting. This restaurant has been providing a Peruvian and worldwide culinary experience for over 40 years. Beyond its intriguing food, though, La Rosa Náutica's unique feature is its location above the Pacific Ocean. This offers customers an unmatched view as they taste superb, authentic flavors.

You will have an unforgettable meal at La Rosa Náutica making it one of the highlights of your vacation. Enjoy an unforgettable evening by the Pacific Ocean, an amazing view of the sunset, and the stunning ambiance created by the sound of the waves.

Address: Espigón Miraflores,Beach Circuit, Miraflores, Lima.

Punto Azul

Punto Azul is a great option if you're looking for the tastiest ceviche in the entire city. This well-known restaurant was once a little business in 1992, but it quickly rose to notoriety as one of Lima's finest seafood restaurants due to its unmatched ceviche.

In the heart of Miraflores, Punto Azul is famous for being the ideal spot for lunch. Although there are many seafood treats on the menu, ceviche—Peru's national dish—is the restaurant's indisputable specialty. To satisfy everyone's tastes, it also offers vegetarian alternatives.

The restaurant gets busy quickly thanks to its superb taste and reputation for using only the freshest ingredients. You might have to wait in line at Punto Azul because they do not accept bookings, especially during busy times.

Address: San Martín St. 595, Miraflores, Lima.

La Mar

La Mar is another cherished eatery from the renowned chef Gastón Acurio's network. It's a great place to have ceviche in its most traditional form with modern touches. The chef's culinary legacy can be seen in the restaurant's distinction as one of the top 50 restaurants in the world.

Gaston Acurio is a cultural ambassador for Peru, and his multiple culinary brands reflect this. La Mar is well-known for the freshness of its organic ingredients and its authentic Peruvian flavor. This cutting-edge restaurant offers a premium meal combining haute cuisine with Peruvian cuisine.

La Mar brand has spread to cities such as Bogotá, Buenos Aires, Miami, San Francisco, and Santiago de Chile. It provides the delights of the Peruvian area over the continent.

Address: La Mar Ave. 770, Miraflores, Lima.


If a trip to the Peruvian Amazon jungle is not on your schedule, you'll be happy to hear that Ámaz enables you to immerse yourself in part of its culture in Lima. The aim of this restaurant from the very beginning is to bridge the gap between Lima and the Amazon by examining the authentic flavors of the jungle.

Address: La Paz Ave. 1079, Miraflores, Lima.

Astrid y Gaston

This is one of Lima's greatest restaurants, renowned for having an exceptional assortment of condiments, many of which are grown in its ecological garden.

Astrid & Gastón began into business in 1994. Over time, the French influence on its food gave way to a more Peruvian flavor. Chef Gastón Acurio and his team present an original and delicious culinary experience. You can enjoy the typical delights of Peru with over 30 dishes produced with genuine products from Lima.

Address: Paz Soldan Ave. 290, San Isidro, Lima.

Central Restaurant

Real and distinctive tastes come together at Restaurant Central. They produce a delectable tasting menu that you are sure to never forget. Thanks to the dedication of chefs Virgilio Martínez and Pía León—who have been crowned the top male and female chefs in the world—this restaurant is now the best among the 50 greatest restaurants in the world.

The way that Restaurant Central combines traditional Peruvian ingredients with unique flavors from the Amazon makes its main meals stand out. These unusual delicacies are presented in an exotically designed environment highlighting their aroma and color. The restaurant also produces fresh vegetables and herbs used in their recipes. This ensures the best possible quality for their organic products.

Address: Pedro de Osma Ave. 301, Barranco, Lima.

Tipping in Lima Restaurants

In Peruvian restaurants, especially the more simple ones, the tip is not included in the final bill. Still, in Peru, tipping is common and highly appreciated, especially when the restaurant provides outstanding service. You can tip with cash or a credit card. Leaving a 10% tip is a kind way to express your satisfaction with the service you received.

Despite your particular preferences, Lima offers an abundance of alternatives to satisfy everyone. With a variety of choices to suit all tastes and budgets, the city has all from upscale dining establishments to tiny little eateries. We suggest checking out the places mentioned above if you're looking for an unforgettable meal in Lima. You'll be quite pleased. We also want to highlight that Viagens Machu Picchu offers exclusive packages. These include culinary delights such as cooking lessons and access to some of Peru's most exclusive restaurants.

Please have a look at our trip packages to experience the food, culture, and adventure of the Inca heartland. We're waiting for you!