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Best Spots to Do Shopping in Cusco

 Best Spots to Do Shopping in Cusco

An irresistible travel destination for arts and crafts fans is the Cusco region. There aren't many renowned boutiques and name brands in the city. However, this city will grow into a cultural gem for travelers looking for crafts and travel souvenirs. You won't ever get back home without putting a new item in the luggage.

Finding places to buy doesn't need much work; just wander around the city's historical center's streets and you'll come across stores overflowing with curiosities and vendors displaying their precious creations with a lot of charisma and energy.

That’s why we’ll introduce you to some stores in Cusco to do the best shopping you can do in the ancient capital of the Incas.

Centro Artesanal

El Centro Artesanal is an area managed by the City Hall. Vendors may display their wares there. Tourists can enjoy and buy Peruvian gifts and souvenirs. It is located at the end of Avenida El Sol, Cusco's major avenue.

The vast array of items, displayed in stands, includes items from t-shirts, key chains, and little mementos to artistic creations. It's a great spot for hanging out with clothes boutiques. Around 340 artisan vendor stalls offer flexible prices. Buying more from one stand gets bigger discounts.

Mercado San Pedro

The "Mercado Central," also known as the Main Square of Cusco, offers a wide range of attractions, including oddball items, fresh vegetables, and handicrafts. The location is close to the Plaza de Armas.

Travelers from abroad and local people are drawn to the picturesque "San Pedro Market." You can also shop for alpaca clothing, fabrics, healers, and witchcraft stands. Plus, herbal tinctures and ointments made from animal tallow are available. The market also offers many traditional Peruvian souvenirs.

Centro de Textiles tradicionales del Cusco

One of the best markets in Cusco, the Traditional Textile Centre Cusco is a non-profit organization. It was established in 1996 and is located on Avenida Del Sol. Its mission is to preserve and maintain the weaving traditions that were rapidly diminishing in this part of the Andes. To help indigenous Quechua communities preserve their traditional weaving methods, improve their level of living, and appreciate their history and legacy, the center works with them.

The weaving and dying processes use only organic fibers for each product sold. Here, designs and expertise have been handed down throughout the generations.

San Blas Neighborhood

The traditional San Blas neighborhood is one of Cusco's tourist and commercial districts. It gets its name from the ancient Cusco artists and artisans who gather there. They're committed to creating various handicrafts, like paintings, silver jewelry, ceramics, musical instruments, and sculptures of saints and virgins.

You can get a high-quality item every Saturday in the square by the local church where the handicraft fair takes place. Remember that the end of the famous 12-angle stone street will take you directly to the bohemian Neighborhood.

Awana Cancha Living Museum of the Andes

Yes, this one is a museum too, and one more time we save the best for the end. This museum, located at the gates of the Sacred Valley is the perfect spot for alpaca and llama lovers. You’ll have the experience not only of seeing these fluffy camelids but of feeding them and playing with them.

The museum has a store offering various items made from alpaca wool, baby alpaca, or vicuna wool. This palace remains traditions of Andean culture still alive. 

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