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Where to Stay in Cusco

Cusco is more than the gateway to Machu Picchu. Is a place full of mystery, mysticism, and charm that houses natural and architectural attractions such as Humantay Lagoon, The Rainbow Mountain, and the Sacred Valley. Considering that almost all your stay will be in this city, you have to take into account some areas to stay in the former ancient capital of the Inca.

Cusco is also a safe city, especially if you stay in the main historic center. The bulk of museums, restaurants, and bars are located here, and it's an area that is easily accessible for short walks. For this reason, we recommend planning a 3 to 5-day stay for your itinerary in the city of Cusco. This will allow you to make the most of your visit and explore its main attractions.

Furthermore, being a popular destination, it's essential to plan your stay in Cusco well in advance. We suggest booking your hotel ahead of time before your trip.

In this guide, we'll share information about accommodation options in Cusco. The city offers a variety of lodging options to suit all budgets. There are budget-friendly choices and luxury hotels in Cusco. We'll detail the main hotel options for your stay in this wonderful Inca city.

Where in Cusco?

When looking for a hotel for our stay in this city, one of the most important considerations to bear in mind is location. With this in mind, Cusco's perfect spot is the Historic Center.

Being in the heart of the city will give you access to a broad range of hotels and be able to see the Historic Center of Cusco without walking long distances. Most of the hotels are located in historic colonial houses allowing an unforgettable connection to the city's past without having to leave your hotel.

It's also worth noting that Cusco is not flat. Certain areas may be elevated, so you may need to climb up and down stairs and steep streets. With the details we provide, you can choose a hotel based on your desired comfort level.

Here are some hotels in Cusco that we recommend by category:

3-Star Category:

• Rojas Inn is located on the picturesque Tigre Street. This charming hotel offers an authentic Cusco experience with its colonial architecture and cozy atmosphere. Ideal for travelers who value tradition and seek a peaceful retreat in the heart of the city. With a 3-star rating, it provides a serene refuge after a day of exploration.

• San Francisco Plaza is situated on Ceniza Street. This hotel combines the beauty of historical architecture with modern comfort. It offers easy access to Cusco's main tourist attractions, such as Plaza de Armas and Cusco Cathedral, making it an excellent choice for urban explorers. With 3 stars, it's a great option for those seeking comfort and elegance.

• Casona Plaza, located on Tecsecocha Street stands out for its blend of contemporary comfort and rustic charm. With a 3-star rating, it offers a relaxing stay with easy access to local attractions like San Cristobal viewpoint. Perfect for travelers seeking comfort and proximity to historic sites.

• Royal Inka II is located on Plaza Regocijo, this 3-star hotel is known for its warm hospitality and strategic location. Close to the vibrant San Pedro market and other attractions, it's a convenient choice for tourists looking to explore Cusco on foot.

• San Agustín Internacional is situated on Maruri Street, this 3-star hotel combines unique design with an excellent location. Close to the San Blas square and Kusicancha, it offers a comfortable and stylish base for exploring Cusco's rich culture.

• Sueños del Inka is a 3-star hotel found on the quaint and tranquil Warankallki Street, a charming retreat with traditional Andean decor. It provides an intimate and culturally rich experience, ideal for those seeking an authentic stay in Cusco.

4-Star Category:

 • Xima Cusco: This modern hotel on Avenida El Sol is praised for its excellent service and relaxing accommodations. With four stars, it's ideal for vacationers looking for a mix of modernity and convenience. It is near to the Coricancha and the lively town center.

• San Agustín El Dorado is a four-star hotel that's on Avenida El Sol. It is known for its central location and high-quality services. It's a good alternative for guests looking for comfort and quick access to Cusco's attractions.

• Sonesta Cusco: Located on Avenida El Sol, this wonderful 4-star hotel blends contemporary comfort with Peruvian culture. The Sonesta Cusco, located near the Coricancha and a short walk from the Plaza de Armas, provides a cozy and easily accessed base for experiencing the city's historical attractions.

 • Costa del Sol Ramada: Set on Avenida Santa Teresa, this four-star hotel is part of the renowned Ramada company. It delivers an appealing and refined accommodation experience, convenient access to Cusco's historic core, and modern amenities, making it perfect for guests looking for a mix of tradition and modernity.

5-Star Category:

• Belmond Palacio Nazarenas: This unique 5-star hotel on Plazoleta Nazarenas offers an upscale shelter in the heart of Cusco. Its gorgeous colonial structures and quiet gardens provide an unforgettable visit, ideal for anyone seeking pleasure and serenity in a historical setting.

Belmond Hotel Monasterio: Set on Calle Plazoleta Nazarenas, this lovely 5-star hotel, situated within a former monastery, combines sophistication and history. With nicely decorated rooms and a peaceful atmosphere, it's a great choice for visitors who want to immerse themselves in Cusco's cultural heritage.

• JW Marriott: This 5-star hotel, positioned on the corner of Ruinas and San Agustín streets, offers unparalleled sophistication and class. With a stunning colonial front and modern interiors, it provides an outstanding stay with superb city views and easy access to cultural spots.

These are just a few of the hotels we collaborate with at Viagens Machu Picchu. Our commitment is to conduct a detailed review of each hotel to ensure it meets your expectations.

We also recommend booking in advance. This is especially important during the high season from May to October, as hotel availability can quickly fill up.

Get ready to experience incredible and worry-free days. So don't wait any longer, contact us today and start planning your dream vacation to the land of the Incas.




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