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Unquestionably, the Peruvian food is one of the most praised cuisines in the Americas, the combination between exotic flavours and different cultures makes it so diverse and delicious. Cusco, for being a touristic city, also holds some of the most renowned restaurants in Peru, which is why we have listed the ones you must consider to visit.

The Andean region is also recognized for its authentic gastronomic expression, adding even more value to the extensive culinary art of Peru. Therefore, if you’re looking to experience our culture in-depth, then you must sample our country’s delicacies. 

The Peruvian Gastronomy has certainly evolved thanks to the different cultures that marked our territory, even the ones that came from abroad. Thanks to our multicultural lands, the Peruvian cuisine has given a turn to gastronomy in Latin America.

We want you to have an authentic adventure through our beautiful country, but we also want to show you the best of our traditions and customs. In this section, we’ve gathered the most sought after restaurants, recognized for their excellent customer service and dishes.

1. Morena
Located in the heart of Cusco, the Morena Kitchen is one of the most popular places to eat near Plaza de Armas.

The restaurant is characterized for combinating Andean flavours with the exotic seasoning of the Peruvian coast. Among its most delicious dishes are: The Bestia Burger, the grilled Andean trout, and El Duo, which harmonically combines Arroz con Mariscos (rice with seafood) and Ceviche on one plate. 
Address: Calle Procuradores 320, Cusco.

2. Uchu
In the surroundings of the ancient Plaza Nazarenas lies a famous steak house called Uchu, recognized for their protein-packed BBQ ribs and alpaca tenderloin cooked on hot volcanic stones.

Uchu is certainly one of the must-visit restaurants in Cusco, they offer a charming patio-style atmosphere with avant-garde textiles and unique decoration. The food is, by all means, one of the best in the area, where fresh and organic ingredients complement their thoughtfully designed recipes.

The combination of flavors in each of the dishes will certainly make you fall in love with their culinary art.
Address: Calle Palacio 135, Cusco

3. Kintaro
They are specialists when it comes to authentic Japanese cuisine. Every dish has the unique and original flavor of the so-claimed Asian culture with on-point decoration that makes them instagram worthy from every angle.

Kintaro offers traditional and Peruvian-fusion sushi rolls, rice bowls, Japanese noodles, and more! The ingredients are carefully selected so you can have a fresh and delicious gastronomic experience thoroughly.

The restaurant offers a Japanese-style atmosphere with simple wooden furniture and lanterns that set the tone for a nice dining out experience.
Address: Calle Plateros 334, Cusco.

4. Limo
For those looking for a fine dining experience, Limo is certainly one of the options. The restaurant is strategically situated in front of the Plaza de Armas, overlooking the beautiful hybrid Inca-Colonial architecture of Cusco's historic center.

Limo is recognized for its Peruvian Nikkei cuisine that combines top-quality fresh ingredients and the indistinguishable japanese cooking technique. They complement the experience with a vast selection of international and local drinks.
Address: Portal de Carnes 236, Cusco.

5. Chicha by Gaston Acurio
If you love Peruvian food as much as we (obviously) do, then you must have heard of the renowned Chef Gaston Acurio, who is praised for his culinary vision and for having a famous restaurant in Lima considered one of the 50 best in the world.

Chicha is part of Acurio’s global culinary empire, and it offers a taste of the chef's authentic recipes at a more affordable price. The restaurant looks to combine Andean ingredients with the flavor and seasoning of other regions, a total immersion of Peruvian cultures in one place.
Address: Plaza Regocijo 261, Cusco.

6. Papacho’s
It certainly is one of the best burger joints in the area. They offer, by far, the most delicious fast-food gastronomic experience in the region with an establishment that overlooks the beautiful main square of Cusco.

Among the different options in Papacho’s menu the best are: Chicken wings, Salchipapas, Mac and cheese, and the Papacha burger. If planning to visit for dining, make sure to make your reservation in advance since it is one of the most sought after restaurants in the heart of the ancient Cusco.
Address: Calle Sta Catalina Angosta 115, Cusco.

7. Limbus Resto Bar
Located in the beautiful San Blas neighborhood lies Limbus, a resto bar that combines the best of Peruvian cuisine with street food and an impressive list of innovative cocktails.

The bar is located a few meters away from Plazoleta San Blas, offering the best view of the city from its elevated location. Limbus has gained popularity over the years, and it is certainly one of the places you can't miss during your trip through Cusco.
Address: Calle Pasñapacana 133, Cusco.

8. MAP Cafe
As you may know, the Pre-Columbian Art Museum of Cusco offers the best collection of ancient art and history in its old colonial mansion, however, what they didn't tell you is that within the headquarters of the site is one of the most renowned restaurants of the city.

The MAP Cafe is a contemporary Peruvian haute cuisine restaurant that offers a unique dining experience surrounded by the impressive history of the region. The crystal cube is very popular among visitors, which is why you must make a reservation in advance if looking to enjoy a dazzling evening in this restaurant.
Address: Plazoleta Nazarenas 231, Museo de Arte Precolombino, Cusco.

9. Pachapapa
Among all of the restaurants that you could pick from here, we want you to take Pachapapa into consideration. The restaurant is recognized for preparing the best over-roasted guinea pig (cuy), an endemic dish of the Peruvian Andes.

Pachapapa has a warm homely atmosphere, with a central courtyard and cozy side rooms warmed by little chimneys. The restaurant offers several traditional Peruvian dishes accompanied with fresh local ingredients.
Address: Carmen Bajo 120, Cusco.

10. Inka Grill 
The restaurant is located in the portals near Plaza de Armas, overlooking the authentic scenery of the historical center of Cusco.

The chefs of Inka Grill are specialists in novo-andina and international cuisine with a gastronomic experience of 15 years. They reinvented international dishes by combining them with Peruvian delicacies, such as the Quinoa Risotto specialty.
Address: Portal de Panes 115, Cusco.

If you’re looking for an authentic gastronomic experience in the city of Cusco, we certainly have the best options. It is worth mentioning that we offer local cuisine-oriented travel packages, where you can get immersed in the most renowned culinary art of the Americas whilst still getting to know Peru at its fullest.

Learn more of the 5 most renowned restaurants of Cusco from this list in our blog and choose the best one for the perfect dining experience in the former capital of the Incas!

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