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Art & Culture

The history of Cusco can’t be told in a short text, though its extensive cultural and artistic expression represent the monumental evolution of the so-called Imperial City of the Incas. Just as we have said before in previous blogs, Cusco is the most complete travel destination, where history, ancient traditions, and natural wonders add up a great value to these lands.

The ancestral cultural heritage of the Andes is deep-rooted in its population since not even time and the city’s modern expansion could take it away from the Cusqueñan people. When it comes to the artistic expression of the region, we can say that the production of traditional textiles is a millenary tradition that comes from all around the Peruvian lands.

The whole Cusco region will captivate you with its colorful streets and diversity, you’ll realize that this place was certainly the capital of the Tahuantinsuyo Empire. Its people have also kept their ancient Quechua language, making it the second most spoken dialect in Peru, which has prevailed even after the colonization process.

Going a little further to the future, we can also appreciate the cultural heritage left by the Spaniards, where their catholic religious traditions have also merged with the ancient customs of the Andes. Likewise, the Colonial art and the hybrid Inca-Colonial architecture stand out from most of the historical monuments in the country.

Nowadays you can experience all of this and more, including the renowned gastronomical side of the country, which is why we have gathered the most sought after artistic and cultural experiences so you can have a unique and special trip through Peru.

Carnaval - Wine & Painting

If you’re looking for a relaxing yet entertaining  way to experience Cusco’s countryside, then this is the option for you. Carnaval - Wine & Painting was born thanks to the initiative of helping travelers to portray the everlasting energy of the Cusqueñan region intimately.

The experience starts on top of a hill with views to the Sacred Valley of the Incas or the Sacsayhuaman Archeological Site, they offer a fine wine collection and the opportunity of painting the visually striking scenery of the Andes.

If you wish to include this soothing activity in your travel package, make sure to organize it with your travel agent. Remember that you can choose from the different travel packages on our website or even get a tailor-made itinerary for your trip.

Cooking Classes

We also have an exclusive activity for those travelers who wish to immerse themselves in the famous Peruvian culinary art. On this opportunity, you’ll get to learn how to prepare the most delicious typical dishes, so you can take part of Peru’s culture to your home country.

There are different schedules and cooking classes available. If you wish more information, please contact our local expert team, they’ll certainly help you with any inquiry you may have. 

Experiential Tourism

The experiential tourism or Turismo Vivencial in Spanish looks to present a new way of travel to the market by offering an intimate and exclusive cultural experience in the most remote locations with local families that dedicate their lives to the production of traditional textiles or agriculture.

The new initiative also wants to raise awareness to the preservation of the local flora and fauna, where many nonprofit organizations organize activities through their research centers and botanical gardens. Among the different activities in Experiential Tourism are:

- Ecotourism
- Agrotourism
- Volunteering

If you wish to take part in this adventure, make sure to consult your travel specialist so they can organize a fun adventure through the Peruvian highlands. Likewise, if you wish you could also get immersed in the vast nature of the cloud forest and the jungle, learn more here.

Local Markets & Artisan Shops

Another way to experience the artistic and cultural expression of the city is by visiting the different galleries, workshops, local markets, and artisan shops. Cusco has a special colonial neighborhood that houses several artists and renowned artisans.

The San Blas Neighborhood has kept Inca and Colonial traditions alive in such a way that it is recognized as the Artisan Hub of Cusco. The urban area is located a few blocks away from Plaza de Armas and holds the most precious galleries and artisan shops in the area.

Likewise, the Mercado San Pedro is another cultural and artistic center, where many artisans gather to sell their ceramic pieces, alpaca wool sweaters, and more. If you wish to experience this at its fullest while still getting to know the historical side of the city, we highly recommend you taking our Cusco Free Walking Tour.

Centro Qosqo de Arte Nativo

If you’re looking to experience Cusco’s culture at its fullest, you should surely visit the Qosqo Center of Native Art! The cultural center offers dance scenes that describe the traditions of the region every evening.

The show starts at 06:30 hrs, but you should come here at least 30 minutes earlier since people line up to enter the theater from 06 o’clock. The cultural expression here is like no other, which is why it is an experience you can’t miss.

In addition to the different performances, the Qosqo Center of Native Art also exhibits traditional Cusco costumes and instruments on its site museum. If you’re interested in taking part in it, you’d be glad to know that the entrance fee is included in all our travel packages to Cusco.

In case you’d like to attend, our team can organize transport to and from the location, as well as helping you to get around town. For more information, please contact our travel specialists.

Viagens Machu Picchu cares to provide everything you need to have an authentic and safe adventure through our country. Get to know all the special offers we have in Peru travel packages and start planning the trip of your life!

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