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Cusco is recognized as the Archeological Capital of the Americas since this was the region where the Inca Empire settled. This Andean gem has become the principal travel destination for many travelers that visit South America due to its architectural authenticity, historical attractions, and natural wonders. For that reason, Cusco is the most visited region in Peru since it receives over 4,4 million tourists per year.

Before colonization, the city of Cusco was established as the capital of the Tawantinsuyu Inca Empire. During this era, the city was developed as a complex urban center with distinct religious and administrative functions that were perfectly defined, distributed, and organized. 

During colonization, most of its Inca structures were destroyed by the Spaniards. However, the foundations of these pre-Columbian constructions remained the base of some colonial buildings within the Historical Center of Cusco, still maintaining its ancient urban distribution, creating a fusion of different periods and cultures.

Therefore, to protect the uniqueness of this Andean gem, Cusco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983. By only looking at Cusco, we realize there’s so much to know and experience before venturing out to the rest of the region.

For that reason, we have gathered some information so you can plan your trip according to your interests. Keep reading and learn more about the so-called Imperial City of the Incas.

Weather in Cusco

Cusco is located in the Andean region of the country and has an altitude of 3,399 meters above sea level. Therefore, due to its geographic position, the Andean mountain range is characterized by two defined seasons:

- Dry Season: Also known as the coldest season in the region since temperatures can reach up to 12°C during the day and -3°C during nighttime. The dry season takes place between May and October. Therefore, chances of rain during this period are nearly nill. 

- Rainy Season: This season transitions between October and December, but is expected to settle during January and April, being these the rainiest months of the year. The weather turns warmer but significantly wetter. However, temperature ranges between 18°C and 7°C.

The climate condition in Peru may vary according to its regions. Although these seasons are present throughout the country, some sectors may experience variations according to their altitude and geographic positions. To learn more about the weather in Peru, please check our informative guide →

How to Get to Cusco?

Depending on the time you may have, the attractions you’d like to see in between, and the type of experience you’re looking for, there are different ways to travel to Cusco. Here we’ll give you some advice to help you plan your trip:

- Cusco by Bus: This is the cheapest transport option in Peru, but keep in mind that if you’re traveling straight from Lima, this will be a 22-hour ride approximately. However, you can make this trip more pleasant by traveling to several destinations by bus. 

- Flying to Cusco: If you’re on a tight schedule, this is the best option for you since it will help you save time to explore more of this authentic land. Therefore, we recommend you organize your trip according to your needs, optimize your time, and find the best fares for flights to Cusco before venturing abroad.

- Train rides to Cusco: Currently, there’s only one rail route that connects Cusco with Puno and Arequipa. This railroad is operated by the Belmond Andean Explorer train, considered one of the world’s most luxurious trains. 

Planning a trip through Peru can be quite easy if you have the right information. To give you an idea, check out our travel packages and start planning your dream vacations with us!

Things to Do in Cusco

Around Cusco, there are tons of attractions worth visiting during your trip through Peru. Among the different things to do in the Cusco region, here are the most in-demand destinations within these authentic lands:

Rainbow Mountain
The Sacred Valley of the Incas
Machu Picchu
Humantay Lake
- Palcoyo

Make sure to know everything about these locations and add at least one of them to your itinerary to uniquely discover Peru! Besides, Cusco city gathers some of the most exciting attractions within this region since it is home to several Inca ruins and outstanding landscapes. Therefore, you cannot leave this destination behind while traveling through the Peruvian highlands.

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