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How to Get Nazca & Nazca Lines

How to Get Nazca & Nazca Lines

There are several roads to get to this city and its mysterious lines. You will base your choice on your preferences, availability, and budget.

Remarkably, this great location has an airport. However, it is only used for flights over the famous Nazca Lines. The Lines are the main draw for visitors to the area, as a result, flying directly to Nazca is now not an option. 

Land travel is the best and only option to get to Nazca because is well-connected to the rest of the nation with a bus network linking it to other towns and areas.

Nazca is accessible via several routes, let's take a look at all of them:

 -  Pan-American Highway South (from Lima) - 450 km

- Cusco - Nazca Road - 661 km

- Arequipa - Nazca Road - 565 km

The Main Routes

Pan-American Highway South from Lima

Many people find that hiring a private shuttle is a smart alternative. This is because Nazca is on the Pan-American highway. 

This makes it an easy weekend journey south of the capital. This road is among the greatest in Peru as well. Nazca is frequently included in travel plans alongside Pisco, the Paracas National Reserve, and  Ica.

You have to spend the night in Pisco/Paracas or Ica if you want to see Nazca because it is a little too distant from Lima for a day's journey. Even though is the fastest and priciest way, it is also the most well-liked. You travel from Lima to Nazca by private transport.

Cusco-Nazca Road 

Nazca can also be reached directly from Cusco by bus. The buses that connect Cusco and Lima stop in Nazca. They stop to break up the all-day trip. Most of the buses from Cusco headed for Lima make a stop at Nazca. Cruz del Sur, a premium operator, departs twice a day.

Every hour or so, a bus will be traveling there, however many of the journeys are overnight. But many choose the previous option. It goes from Arequipa to Nazca and Lima. They chose it because the road from Cusco to Arequipa (and from there to Nazca and Lima) is better.

The services and facilities provided on buses differ depending on the provider. Some provide additional amenities like Wi-Fi and reclining chairs, among others. You should review the exact details of each bus operator before you travel. This will ensure a comfy and fun trip.

Arequipa Nazca Road

Nazca lies around midway between Arequipa and Lima, making it an easy stop on the route back to the city. The Pan-American Highway South is a great route. Private transfers are available, but they can be costly due to the long distance.

Travel time by bus ranges from ten to twelve hours, depending on the operator. Larger companies, such as Cruz del Sur, have better buses. 

This makes travel faster and more comfortable. Cruz del Sur operates three to four daily departures from Arequipa's main bus station. They have two during the day and two at night.

Nazca's main bus station, located on Avenida Arturo Ibañez, has daily departures at 18:30, 19:30, and 21:00. Cruz del Sur is a reputable provider of this service. They offer semi-bed and bed buses for customer pleasure.

Ways to visit Nazca Lines

Nazca Flyover Tour: Expert pilots deliver the best views of the Nazca lines to passengers by flying in tight loops and at skewed angles. This jerky movement, along with some turbulence, may certainly make you feel uncomfortable. We recommend to prepare ahead of time and bring a motion sickness patch or some medicine with you on your flyover tour. 

Flights above the Nazca Lines might last 30 minutes to an hour and a half. The flights depart from the Pisco airport, and each plane seats between 10 and 12 people, ensuring that everyone gets a window seat. 

The desert near the Nazca Lines can be windy. But, flying low lets you capture various line forms and snap great images. It makes for a memorable experience.

TIP: If you often get motion sickness, skip the flying. Instead, learn about the huge glyphs on a tour of the Maria Reiche Museum and Observatory Tower.

Observation Tower. The observation tower is a great substitute for people who don't want to fly or are easily motion ill. With its 12 meters, the tower offers a view of the surrounding woods and handlines. 

Even though you won't see the whole picture from there, getting up close to these lines in the open air creates a bond with the ancient landscape.

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