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Best Food & Restaurants in Nazca

Best Food & Restaurants in Nazca

Nazca Area Traditional Food

Peruvian food is getting more attention thanks to its diversity and its delicious and unique flavors. Nazca City lies in the Ica department, so you can find exquisite dishes in this area:

Some dishes you must try are:

Sopa Seca: A tasty noodle soup (Dry Soup) with flavors of achiote, basil, tomato, parsley, red pepper, and other seasonings. It is typically served with chicken, however, it may also be served with pig or chicken. The Sopa Seca goes well with Carapulcra.

Carapulcra:  This dish blends Afro-Peruvian, Spanish, and Andean cultures, it is regarded as the oldest “mestizo” (mixed)  food in Peru. Carapulcra's primary ingredient t is "dried potato." In addition, the meal has other components including pork, onion, aji panca (chili), and crushed peanuts. As you read above, this dish goes well with sopa seca.

Frejol Colado: This region has something sweet for you, we’re talking about Strained beans (in English). Despite being a classic Easter treat, you may have it any time of year. One of the features of this delicacy is that it contains molasses, sugar, milk, cloves, and beans, making it impossible to taste the beans.

Green Lima Beans Soup: These beans have high nutritional value, this time, after being soaked and cooked in an onion sauce, plenty of cheese and milk are added.

Tejas: Tejas are classic Peruvian truffles that originated in  Ica. Although their exteriors are often covered in white sugar, chocotejas—which have a chocolate layer—are also very well-liked. A layer of nuts lies beneath the coating, and then comes a manjar blanco, or dried fruit filling.

Our picks in Nazca

For lunch, dinner, and breakfast, Mamashana Café Restaurant provides great food. You can find Mamashana in the middle of the city and has options for vegetarians, vegans, and those with gluten allergies. All guests may enjoy this easy-to-reach restaurant. It has a warm and modern atmosphere, wheelchair access, takeout, and reservations. 

This restaurant takes many payment cards. It has a full bar and wine and beer. There's free Wi-Fi, table service, and a memorable dining experience for every client.

Address:  Bolognesi, 238 St, Nazca,  Peru.

Via la Encantada is a well-known tourist eatery in Nazca. It is famous for its large menu of Asian, Peruvian, foreign, and Spanish dishes. La Encantada has years of expertise. It offers vegetarian, vegan, and special diet options. The restaurant provides excellent, professional service.

Address: Bolognesi St, 282, Nazca 11401, Peru

La Kasa Rustika in Nazca, Peru is famous for its Creole, Latin, and international Peruvian cuisine. It offers vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free food. It is known for its low prices and big portions of dishes like chicken causa. 

The restaurant has staff-led attentive service. All customers will have a fun and comfy time at La Kasa Rustika. The restaurant has handicapped access, a full bar, takes credit cards, and has free WI-Fi.

Address: Bolognesi St, 372, Nazca 11401, Peru

Rico Pollo specializes in delicious chicken. They are charcoal-grilled and expertly prepared to deliver a flavor that locals love. Rico Pollo offers a rich and historic culinary experience. It has become more than a restaurant. Now, people gather there to celebrate life's big moments. They form special bonds with the Nazca community.

Address: Lima St, Nazca 11400, Peru

El Portón Restaurant serves Creole cuisine, meats, poultry, seafood, and pasta. It provides outstanding culinary service with an emphasis on the caliber of the food. Find out why Peruvian food is seen as refined, varied, and exquisite when you visit El Portón. We'll take you on a sensory voyage that will go through the most beautiful flavors, smells, and landscapes of our regions.

Address: Ignacio Morsesky St,120, Nazca, Peru 

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