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The best time to Visit Nazca

The best time to Visit Nazca

Nazca Lines is one of the world’s biggest mysteries, so it attracts several visitors from all over the world. if you want to visit these enigmatic lines, you should know more about this region’s weather and climate, and when’s the possibly best time to visit

Weather in Nazca

The hot season is from January to April. It lasts for about 3 months and has daily highs above 29°C. In Nazca Province, February is the hottest month. The average high is 30°C and the low is 20°C.

The 2.8-month chilly season runs from June to September. It has an average daily high temperature of under 26°C. In the Nazca Province, July is the coldest month. It has an average low of 15°C and a high of 25°C.

Strong winds may intensify the pinch of cold weather, while humidity levels can have a major influence on how we feel in warmer weather. Perceived temperatures are meant to be realistic. They consider factors like humidity and wind chill. These factors affect how hot or cold a day feels to a person.

TIP: The time of the year is more important than the season to get a flight over the Nazca Lines. In particular, there is less wind and greater visibility in the mornings, which makes for calmer, less turbulent flights. For the best experience, it is best to fly over the lines starting at seven in the morning.

Nazca by Seasons

March to May 

This season seems warm because of the combination of temperatures and humidity. The following months saw lower temperatures, with highs between 93.4°F (34.1°C) and 80.8°F (27.1°C). For those looking for activities, this season is an excellent time of year because it’s the busiest season for tourists.

June to August

With reasonably high temperatures, the middle of the year offers fairly nice weather. In Nazca, June through August is a slow travel season. So, prices for lodging and other services may be a bit cheaper.

October to November

With the breeze and humidity, the springtime daily highs of 32.2°C and  28.4°C will feel pleasant. Because of the weather, these are the quietest months for tourism, so prices for hotels may be reasonable.

December to February

Travelers seeking warm weather will find Nazca's weather to be ideal for the time of the year. This season's average high temperature ranges from 34°C to 31.9°C. These times of year are the second busiest with tourists.

In Nazca, Peru, May is the busiest month for tourists, with January and June following behind. These are the months with the highest hotel and airfare prices, but by making your reservations far in advance, you may save a lot of money. October is usually the most affordable month to visit Nazca because it is the least likely to encounter a lot of tourists.

Whether it's the ideal time of year or any other moment, Nazca welcomes travelers to explore its intriguing history and mysterious lines. Viagens Machu Picchu provides tour packages to help you organize the ideal schedule for your next journey. Get in touch with Viagens Machu Picchu right now to discover one of Peru's most mysterious gems and have the experience of a lifetime!