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Laguna Churup Trek

Laguna Churup Trek

Spread across the magical northern Andean lands are about 300 lagoons irrigated by the thaw of the nearby glaciers. The Laguna Churup is one of those spellbinding natural attractions around the Cordillera Blanca that you surely wouldn’t like to miss!

Yes, we know, there are many turquoise-water lagoon treks to choose from, but what makes it difficult to decide is that each and every one of them offer a unique experience through distinctive and beautiful sceneries.

However, we’d like to provide you with the best information so you can plan your trip according to your interests and traveler profile. The trail to Laguna Churup is often referred to as an “acclimatization hike” since the route is easier than the most in-demand Laguna 69 trek.

That doesn’t mean that you should underestimate the major challenge here, the altitude. The emerald-like lake is located over 4,000 meters of elevation, which is why you should take the trail slowly and after you’re used to the altitude in Huaraz.

But don’t worry, here we’ll give you some tips so you can get around the Huascaran National Park like a Chaski! If you’re up to this experience, keep reading and learn about the most beautiful hike in Peru.

About Laguna Churup

As most of the glacier-origin lagoons in the Ancash region, the Churup Lagoon is situated at 4,450 meters above sea level. However, the trail is less difficult than other treks in the area, which is why it is considered an acclimatization hike for those who have already adjusted to the altitude.

This deep blue lake owes its color to the mineral-rich water coming from the Churup snow-capped mountain, located just behind the water body at 5,490 m.a.s.l. complementing the entire scenery with its towering snow-white peak.

In addition to this imposing mount, Laguna Churup is surrounded by hills and silver rocks that contrast with its emerald shores, a visually striking landscape that you certainly can’t miss. 

Likewise, the trek takes you through one of the most enjoyable trails in the Ancash region! For more information about this natural wonder, check this travel guide.

Quick Tip: Planning a trip to Peru but don’t know where to start? Contact our local expert team, they can assist you on organizing the perfect travel itinerary according to your interests and profile. Don’t miss this chance and live an authentic experience in Peru!

Trip Itinerary

If you’re interested in taking this trek, keep in mind that due to the high altitude of these lands, one may experience altitude sickness symptoms, which is why it is highly recommended to spend some time in Huaraz before venturing out to the Churup Lagoon.

We want you to travel in comfort, therefore, we have structured this itinerary so you can have a fun but also safe experience during your visit: 

07:00h - 07:30h | Pick up from the hotel
Our team will pick you up at your accommodation. It will take about 1 hour to get to the starting point of the trek from Huaraz.

08:45h - 11:45h | Trek to Laguna Churup
Once we get to the starting point, our team will give you recommendations about the trek. Make sure to take the trail calmly, there will be plenty of time to complete it.

11:45h - 13:00h | Free time to explore
Once we get to this majestic lagoon, you will pass by the viewpoint so you can fully appreciate the entire scenery. Later, you’ll be free to explore and take the best pictures of the site.

13:00h - 15:00h | Return to the transport
Finishing our adventure, we’ll return to the car so we can head back to the city of Huaraz.

15:00h - 16:00h | Return to Huaraz
It will take us about one hour to get to your accommodation, so lay back and enjoy the view from the window, taking in the everlasting energy of the Andes before arriving at Huaraz.

How to Book?

If you wish to experience this tour at its fullest, we have the perfect adventure for you. Keep in mind that you can organize your trip according to your interests, we are here to help you with any inquiry you may have, including assistance during your travel planning process.

To book the Laguna Churup Trek, you just need to contact our travel specialists. Our local expert team will make sure to optimize your time and adventure with a tailored-made travel itinerary for you. 

Likewise, we care to provide the best experience to each and every one of our passengers, which is why we count with certified drivers, professional guides, and an all-time monitored car fleet with GPS tracking.

General Information:

- Duration: 09 hours approx.
- Entrance: Already included in the travel package.
- Included: Transport, entrance ticket, english speaking guide, pick up at the hotel.


How to Deal with Altitude Sickness?

Due to the high elevation of these places, it is usual to see travelers experiencing dizziness, tiredness, headaches, and shortness of breath upon arrival, particularly if coming from low-altitude destinations. Make sure to follow these recommendations that will surely help you avoid and deal with altitude sickness:

- Keep yourself hydrated. Water is the best ally to fight and prevent this condition.
- Avoid alcohol and smoking at all costs. Alcohol is dehydrating, and smoking can worsen or cause shortness of breath.
- Eat a light but high-calorie diet. High altitude increases the need for fuel since you get dehydrated and burn carbs faster.
- Drink Coca tea or chew Coca leaves. This is a medicinal plant of the Andes, known for helping to ease any altitude sickness symptoms and improving acclimatization.
- Take it easy. Don’t commit to a physically demanding activity on the first 2-3 days upon arrival.

There are some medicines that can help with any altitude sickness symptoms. You can find Diamox or Soroche Pills in almost any drugstore in Peru, nonetheless, we highly recommend consulting with a doctor before taking any of these medications.

What to Bring?

Here’s our top pick of things to bring for your adventure through the Peruvian Andes in the Laguna Churup trek:

- Warm Clothes. Keep in mind that you’re going to be over 4,000 meters of elevation. Dress according to the weather conditions and try wearing layers.
- Trekking Poles. Just in case you may not have this with you, remember that you’re visiting the Trekking Capital of Peru, thereby, you should be able to rent them from a trekking gear shop. Trekking Poles are really helpful while going on very steep hikes; if you wish extra support, this is the way to go.
- Trekking Shoes. Make sure to keep your feet comfortable along the way. You could also rent trekking shoes from Huaraz.
- Rain Poncho. If you’re traveling during the rainy season, don’t forget to bring a rain poncho with you, you’ll thank us later.
- Small Backpack. Bring a daily pack with you, you’ll want to have your hands free during the hike, or at least just to take pictures.
- Sun protection. Make sure to bring sunscreen and to apply it every 45-50 minutes. Also, don’t forget your sunglasses and sun hats at the hotel! The sun can be really aggressive at this elevation.
- Water. Keep yourself hydrated, this way you’ll regain energy and help your body to withstand the altitude.
- Snacks. Get some snacks for the way, but try not to eat them all before you get to the lagoon. You’ll need the extra boost later!

If you’d like to know what’s the best place to rent trekking gear, make sure to ask your travel agent, they’ll provide you with the best options to do so!

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