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Historic Center

Historic Center

Huaraz is a beautiful mountain town located in the heart of the Callejón de Huaylas, flanked by the Cordillera Negra and Blanca. The region is the epicenter for adventure sports such as mountain biking, trekking activities and more.

However, there’s so much to know of this flourishing city that you’d wish to include it in your travel itinerary. The city itself is the commercial hub to the different communities that surround it, where locals come to commercialize their organic products and even catch up with friends.

Likewise, Huaraz is surrounded by many pre-Inca settlements since the area was inhabited since 10000 B.C. adding a high cultural value for those travelers who wish to immerse themselves in our extensive historical heritage.

In the surroundings of the Callejon de Huaylas, you’ll also find natural wonders like the Laguna Churup, Laguna 69, and the highest mountain of Peru, Huascaran. However, on this blog we’ll cover the things that you can do in the city while your body gets used to the altitude, so let’s get to it!

1. Stroll around Plaza de Armas

As most cities in Peru, each of them have a main square used as a public and meeting place for most people in the area. The Plaza de Armas in Huaraz is surrounded by the Ancash Superior Court of Justice, the Ministry of Culture, the Provincial Municipality of Huaraz, the Cathedral and the Sanctuary of San Sebastian.

For those who may not know, Huaraz was struck by an earthquake in 1970 that, unfortunately, destroyed the entire city and about 10,000 persons died in such a catastrophe. The main square was later rebuilt following the same standards as the one lost during the tragedy.

2. Appreciate the natural and urban contrast in Mirador de Huaraz

The Huaraz viewpoint is located in the highest location southeast of the city. From here, you’ll be spellbound by the exuberant nature of the region and the mountains that surround the city, a magical place that you certainly can’t miss!

The site is called Mirador de Rataquenua, located 15 minutes away from the city by taxi. It is a natural viewpoint with a privileged view to the magnificent scenery of Huaraz. We recommend visiting this place with a guide or in groups and during day time since there’s poor illumination on the road.

3. Unwind your mind and body at the Monterrey Hot Springs

If you came to Huaraz for all the adrenaline-packed adventures, you’ll surely need a day to just relax and contemplate the surroundings. For that reason, we encourage you to visit the Monterrey Hot Springs located a few kilometers away from the city.

These thermal baths are characterized by their mineral-rich water that includes iron, sulfate, zinc and chlorine among its components and improve the healing process of sore muscles, broken bones, and many rheumatic conditions.

4. Visit the Señor de la Soledad Temple

Also known as La Soledad Church, was one of the structures affected by the earthquake in 1970. The temple holds a shrine dedicated to Señor de la Soledad, made entirely of mahogany wood and adorned with 24k gold leaf ornaments.

Its interior is decorated with large murals with biblical imagery painted by Teresa Luna y Cossio Marino in 1981. The church offers an authentic architectural style and art pieces that will leave you breathless. It is located in Agustin Mejia Street in Huaraz.

5. Travel back in time through the Jose Olaya street

As we have mentioned before, the city of Huaraz was struck by an earthquake in 1970, where nearly all of its structure was destroyed by such an eminent force. However, the Jose Olaya street is the only remain of the city before the earthquake.

If you have some spare time in the so-called Peruvian Switzerland, make sure to visit this traditional and historical street and experience how Huaraz was like before the earthquake.

Also, if you’re visiting on Sunday, you can see the cultural expression overflowing from corner to corner in this historical place since they open a local market in the morning time, a special opportunity for those looking for the perfect souvenir piece to take home!

Huaraz has a lot to offer and we are proud to show you everything it comprehends, from historical and cultural attractions to the most sought after outdoor activities within the region.

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