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Best Spots to Eat in Huaraz

Best Spots to Eat in Huaraz

Peru has earned a reputation for having excellent cuisine all around the world and for a valid reason. Our country has over 2,500 classic dishes. 

They are made from unusual and exotic ingredients. They provide an unmatched culinary experience. It will excite your senses and dazzle your taste buds with its exquisite diversity.

We as Peruvians, see our cuisine as a cultural expression, due to it has survived the ages and is a historical heritage. 

We're thrilled to share with you the top spots in Huaraz for delicious local cuisine because of this. Discover the ideal spot to spoil yourself after an exciting day of exploration by reading on.

Huaraz Traditional Food

Picante de Cuy is a typical Peruvian dish. It has aji chili peppers, salt, oil, and potatoes. Finally, it has cuy (guinea pigs). After being chopped into bits, cuy is seasoned with garlic and salt. 

After deep-frying it on both sides in heated oil, add the minced garlic, ground ají peppers, and boiled potatoes to the pan and gently roast everything.

Pachamanca consists of cooking marinated pieces of meat (such as lamb, pork, chicken, and beef, all combined in herbs and chilis),  in a hole in the ground. The items are laid out on heated stones and covered with leaves, forming a natural pot in the ground.

Patasca is a classic dish. It is believed to have been invented in the 17th Century. Huaraz is one of the regions that still enjoy this meal today. Patasca" is made from tripe, beef, boiled corn, and, occasionally, the head of a ram, which gives it a unique taste.

Ceviche de Tarwi:  The tarwi is a bean produced in the Peru Andes region. It has a high protein content and is an excellent food for controlling stress.

Its preparation is simple: You just replace the fish with two, just like a regular ceviche. You may eat it as a main course or as a salad.

Our Picks in Huaraz

1 El Minero Rinconcito

Investigating Peruvian cuisine extends beyond fine dining establishments. Spots like "El Rinconcito Minero" in Huaraz are good examples. They show that excellence and authenticity can go beyond expectations. 

This restaurant is a hidden treasure in the area. It serves classic meals that will make you want to come back day after day to indulge in its unmatched flavor.

Address: Julián de Morales St, 757, Huaraz

2 Patrick Creperei

In Huaraz, the Franco-Peruvian restaurant Creperei Patrick provides a distinctive blend of tastes. This location is close to Plaza de Armas. 

It offers an unmatched culinary experience, providing everything from classic crepes to burgers made with alpaca meat. Enjoy their delicious fish fondue and take in the views of the mountains from their patio. A must-go-to-place for foodies!

Address: Luzuriaga Ave, 422 Huaraz.

3 Jama Restaurant

This restaurant is one of Huaraz's most well-known eateries. It is known for its genuine tastes, which combine traditional Peruvian food with foreign touches. The result is a fancy dining experience like those in luxurious European restaurants. 

The restaurant has just five tables. But, it has a great atmosphere and gets busy quickly. Jama is the ideal option if you're thinking of enjoying the best of our regional cuisine!

Address: Guzmán Arenas Aly, Huaraz.

4. Trivio Resto Bar 

Trivio Resto Bar is a clear example. Huaraz bills itself as a center of global food fusion. This restaurant combines Peruvian and Italian cuisine.

 It is known for its great food pairings and high quality. Trivio Resto Bar offers a wide variety of cuisines to suit every taste, from Italian to Peruvian and more.

Address: Huaraz, Parque del Periodista 0

5. Chili Heaven

One of the best Thai and Indian restaurants in Huaraz and the country, Chilli Heaven delivers a remarkable culinary experience. While they do provide Mexican food as well, their signature dishes are those made with curry. They also provide the greatest vegetarian options in the city for those who choose them. For those who enjoy foreign food, Chilli Heaven is a must-visit place in Huaraz because of its diverse selection of tastes.

Address:  José de Sucre Aly, Ginebra Park, Huaraz.

6 Pizzería Mi Comedia

You should visit Pizzería Mi Comedia if you want to try real wood-fired pizza. This cozy, rustic restaurant welcomes guests with a thoughtfully curated Italian menu that will make them feel right at home. 

It's without a doubt the greatest pizza in the city, according to the reviews. Finding a real Italian restaurant could be hard for pizza fans. But, Pizzería Mi Comedia in Huaraz makes it easy. They offer delicious pizza on a silver plate.

Address: Centenario Ave, 351 Huaraz.

7 Wayta

The Wayta restaurant mixes real tastes and exquisite Peruvian cooking techniques. It creates a unique culinary journey. It takes diners from the Pacific coast to the country's highlands. This restaurant, which has received praise for its superb food, is a real find for anybody looking to sample the finest of our culinary culture.

Address: Simón Bolívar St, 707 Huaraz.

8  Café California

All day long, enjoy American-style breakfasts. Taste the best-roasted coffee in the city at the famous Cafe California. This location is warm and perfect for unwinding after a tough day of trekking.

 Or, in the early days of your visit as you adapt. California Cafe also features a library and a book exchange area, which are great for unwinding and taking in Huaraz's peaceful night

Address: 28 de Julio St, 562, Huaraz

9 Manka Artisanal Fusion

The Manka restaurant is a great example. It shows the Italian-Peruvian mix that fills Huaraz. The best of Italian and Peruvian food is served here, with prices ranging from S/. 19.00 to S/. 58.00. 

The food is plentiful and well-served, and the ambiance of the restaurant is warm and inviting. It's the best spot in town to savor a distinctive gastronomic experience.

Address: Juan Bautista St 840 Huaraz.

10 Café Andino 

Among Huaraz's best spots for international visitors is Café Andino. It has a warm vibe with a crackling fireplace and great music. Apart from its well-known café, this place has Western-style food and book exchange services. It's the ideal gathering place to take in the city's sights and sounds while unwinding.

Address:  Lucar & Torre Aly, 530 Huaraz.

These are a few of Huaraz's most notable culinary spots. We suggest contacting them soon. Do this if you plan to reserve in advance because they fill up fast.

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