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Entertainment in Huaraz

Entertainment in Huaraz

The vast Ancash region is one of the most complete travel destinations to visit during your stay in Peru. However, this rising tourist spot has been overlooked for years, though now it’s gaining more popularity thanks to the promotion of its natural and historical heritage.

The touristic infrastructure has been improving over time, and the so-called Peruvian Switzerland has risen in popularity among local and foreign travelers. Nonetheless, there are nearly countless attractions within this region that you surely would love to know about!

Huaraz is the starting point for most tours and treks to the Huascarán National Park, but there are even more things to do here that you’d wish to extend your vacation time for a few days more while you’re here.

The Callejón de Huaylas has a wide option of activities ranging from cultural experiences to the most adventurous excursions. However, we’ve come up with this section to show you some of the not-so-touristy things to do in Huaraz that you should consider adding to your itinerary.

1. Zona de Conchucos

If you’re eager to know about cultural and historical heritage in-depth, then you’ll surely need to visit this extensive valley located near the Cordillera Blanca. The Zona de Conchucos was inhabited since 10,000 B.C. by different ancient civilizations that paved the way to succeeding cultures.

There are different attractions located in this flourishing valley, including the Chavin de Huantar Archeological Site. Many tourists looking for a more cultural-oriented journey head to this region to explore the vast lands of the Andes even further, almost nearly to its origins.

2. Monterrey Thermal Springs

If you come to Huaraz for all the adrenaline-packed adventures, you’ll surely need a day to just relax and contemplate the surroundings. For that reason, we encourage you to visit the Monterrey Hot Springs located a few kilometers away from the city.

These thermal baths are characterized by their mineral-rich water that includes iron, sulfate, zinc, and chlorine among their components and improve the healing process of sore muscles, broken bones, and many rheumatic conditions.

3. Sport Fishing in Huaraz

If you’ve been following our Huaraz travel guide, you must know that the entire Ancash region holds hundreds of water bodies, some of them as impressive as the Lagoon 69, whilst others may have gone unnoticed.

However, if you’re more into a countryside experience, then this is the right place for you. For those who think that Huaraz is all about trekking and adventure tourism, here we are to show you another side of the region that you didn’t know about.

In some of the many lagoons within the Cordillera Blanca, you can practice sport fishing. This part of the northern Andean mountains offers the perfect setting for those eager to just relax, enjoy the natural scenery, and fish some good trout for lunch.

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