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Where to Stay in Huaraz

Where to Stay in Huaraz

For those seeking a great experience in Peru, Huaraz may be the best option! This spot has the most stunning natural wonders of the Peruvian Andes. That's why it is known as the Trekking Capital of Peru.

You may know that Huaraz is in Ancash. This area includes the famous Huascaran National Park, mountain ranges, and the Chavin de Huantar  Archaeological Center. This high-altitude Andean region is breathtaking. It has many turquoise lagoons, snow-capped mountains, glaciers, and lush woods.

Let's look at some hotels in Huaraz. You may want something affordable or superior. Learn all you need to know about Huaraz accommodations. Then, start planning your perfect holiday with Viagens Machu Picchu!

  3 Star Hotels

Peru's 3-star hotels provide comfort and quality without extravagance. They offer a pleasant stay. They do this by providing spacious and private rooms. 

The rooms have modern amenities, like TVs and heating. They also offer key amenities like storage, laundry, and spas. These ensure that visitors have a comfy and easy stay.

Hotel Arawi Pastoruri is more than a place to stay, we can say is a refuge for families seeking quality and comfort. It has a prime spot among the most iconic attractions in Huaraz's Historic Center. It has a cozy atmosphere and many services to meet all your needs. 

Your stay will be great thanks to rooms with a kitchen and workplace. They also have free Wi-Fi and room service. It also offers a full breakfast and parking.

Address: Corongo St, 145 Huaraz 02000 Peru

Hotel Suiza Peruana is a modest 3-star business located in Huaraz, in the Áncash area, only a 17-minute walk from Rosas Pampa Stadium. It offers tourist advice services and has a 24-hour front desk, airport shuttle, common lounge area, and free Wi-Fi around the hotel. 

The rooms include a private bathroom with a shower and free services. Some have mountain views, all have a flat-screen TV with satellite channels.

 Address: Federico Sal y Rosas St, 843  Huaraz, Peru

Hotel La Joya is located in Huaraz's Ancash district and provides a variety of services. Enjoy a relaxed atmosphere by staying in rooms with a seating area, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom with a hot tub. This hotel offers complimentary WiFi across the property, as well as a pleasant bar and gift store to round off your stay.

Address: San Martin St, 1187 Huaraz, Peru

Hotel El Tumi is just a few steps from Huaraz's main plaza. It offers both comfort and convenience. It provides a cozy stay. 

The rooms are attractively decorated and have free Wi-Fi and cable TV. Enjoy tasty international food in the restaurant. 

Relax with a drink at the lobby bar. In addition, the closeness to the bus terminal and Anta airport makes travel easier.

Address: San Martin St, 1121, 043 Huaraz, Peru

4 Star Category

Better hotels offer a great lodging experience. They beat 3-star hotels in amenities. They have options like restaurants, comforting spas, and cheap suites. They exceed even the highest visitor expectations. 

Also, their rooms have private bathrooms, and they also have carefully designed details. These features make for a comfortable and enjoyable stay.

The Andino Club Hotel is in the charming neighborhood of Pedregal, Huaraz. It provides a calm retreat with stunning views of the Cordillera Blanca mountains. Each room includes free Wi-Fi, a flat-screen TV, and a private bathroom. It also contains common amenities such as a lounge, gaming room, and bar. 

The hotel has free parking and offers a variety of activities, including massages and billiards. You’ll find this hotel about 900 meters from Huaraz's cultural core. It's a great starting point for exploring the city.

Address: Pedro Cochacin St, 357, 43 Huaraz, Peru

El Patio de Monterrey is a comfortable hotel. Its rooms are furnished in a regional style where you can enjoy a great daily breakfast and free parking. This hotel provides a comfortable stay. The rooms have heating, TV, and private bathrooms. Some even have fireplaces.

 Relax at the bar with a variety of beverages or order room service at the restaurant. The hotel is just 6 kilometers from the commercial center and bus station. It has a 24-hour reception and provides comfort and accessibility.

Address: Carretera Huaraz-Monterrey Km 06, 02001 Huaraz, Peru.

5-Star Category Luxury

Peru's five-star hotels are unmatched for their splendor and elegance. They have unique and cutting-edge architecture and design. They provide an enjoyable stay. They do this by offering modern amenities and good services. 

These include gyms, spas, and gourmet restaurants. The Cuesta Serena Boutique is one of Huaraz's most prominent attractions.

Cuesta Serena Boutique is located in Anta-Huaraz. The lovely hotel welcomes you to an unforgettable adventure high in the Andes. Guests may enjoy free WiFi and breathtaking views of the mountains. Each apartment, embellished with Peruvian textiles, has its distinct personality and pleasant ambiance.

 Enjoy breakfast at the hotel and choose between a picnic to go or a gourmet supper with fresh garden food. An unforgettable holiday in the best of Huaraz hotels.

We'd like to underline that these are only a handful of the many lodging alternatives we work with at Viagens Machu Picchu. We have a large variety of hotels in Huaraz and around the country. If you want to learn more about our hotel alternatives, please contact one of our travel advisors.