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Getting Around in Huaraz

Getting Around in Huaraz

When you arrive in Huaraz, you’ll notice the main street in town is Avenida Luzuriaga. It is jammed with tourism workplaces, outdoor gear shops, and almost every wandering traveler who visits Huaraz. The easiest way to move around town is to take a cheap taxi. 

They are the ones that constantly beep at every pedestrian asking for a ride or, you can take a Colectivo. Many bus companies go to the Cordillera Blanca region, including the ones from Chavín, Caraz, and Yungay.

Moto taxis are motorized, three-wheeled public vehicles. They have adapted motorbikes with a bench seat for one or two people. The seat is often behind the driver but occasionally in front. Moto taxis are the most popular form of transportation in Huaraz. These small, nimble cars will take you anywhere in the city and beyond. The cost is reasonable, around 4 soles each way.

They are a practical choice for fast travel between locations. This is because they are available across the city and can handle city traffic. Huaraz is small, so many of its attractions, eateries, and hotels are within walking distance. To explore the city core and get a sense of its vibe, we recommend walking.

Taxis are great if you're going outside the city or just don't want to walk, they are easy to find and convenient. Because taxis in Peru don't use taximeters, be careful to bargain the fee before boarding.

Shared cars in Huaraz and Peru are called colectivos. They travel specific routes inside the city and to neighboring towns and tourist spots. They may be at certain pickup locations or on the side of the road. Colectivos are undoubtedly a cheaper choice than taxis.

Buses: Huaraz has a bus station, and from there, you can take long-distance buses to faraway places. You can also take buses to nearby towns and villages. Often, bus travel is the most cheap way to go around Peru's towns and regions.

Rental Cars: In Huaraz, you may rent a car if you'd rather have more freedom and flexibility when traveling. But remember, driving in Peru may be hard. This is especially true in hilly areas, where the roads are twisty and narrow.

Peruvians are also known for being bad drivers. So, if you feel uncomfortable being honked at while driving, we recommend you not take this option.

Bicycle Rental: Renting a bicycle is a fun and eco-friendly way to explore Huaraz and its surroundings. A few hotels and tour companies in the area provide this service.

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