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Restaurants in Huaraz

Restaurants in Huaraz

Huaraz, a city flanked by beautiful snow-capped mountains and recognized as the Trekking Capital of Peru, also holds a great gastronomic experience, and though it might not be as diverse as in the Gastronomic Capital of Peru, the restaurants do provide and exceed expectations.

As you may know, Peru is praised worldwide for its culinary art and how not to? Our country holds over 2,500 typical dishes with unique and exotic ingredients that will leave your taste buds spellbound to their exquisiteness.

We, as Peruvians, see our gastronomic experience as an extension of our history, a cultural expression that will live on through generations, which is why we are eager to show you the best places to eat in Huaraz. Continue reading and start planning the perfect indulgence meal after a long day of excursions.

1. El Rinconcito Minero
Experiencing Peruvian cuisine is not only about fine dining and avant-garde restaurants since there are some special places in Huaraz that could even outrun your most luxurious picks and Riconcito Minero is certainly one of those. The restaurant is the best place to sample local cuisine in Huaraz, with authentic dishes that will make you return on the following day if possible!
Address: Jirón Julián de Morales 757, Huaraz.

2. Creperei Patrick
Franco-Peruvian cuisine is nearly lost in the many variations of our culinary experience. However, the Creperie Patrick is one of the perfect locations to sample the best of both cultures, whether you’d like a traditional french crepe or an alpaca steak burger, here you’ll have the best option.

Creperei Patrick is located a few blocks away from Plaza de Armas and the establishment offers the perfect terrace to spot the imposing mountains that surround the so-called Generosity City. If you’re coming all the way to this place, make sure to try their fondue trout!
Address: Av. Luzuriaga 422, Huaraz.

3. Jama Restaurante
Jama is one of the most popular restaurants in Huaraz, they are recognized for their authentic flavours, where the traditional Peruvian cuisine merges with exotic flavors in a fine dining experience often compared to upscale restaurants in Europe.

The restaurant offers the perfect atmosphere though it only has five tables, so it tends to book out quickly. If you want to experience the best of our gastronomic experience, this is the way to go!
Address: Psje. Guzman Arenas, Huaraz.

4. Trivio Resto Bar
Huaraz seems to be a small hub for international-fusion cuisine since Trivio Resto Bar is another Peruvian-Italian restaurant that offers the best balance between both gastronomic experiences. The quality of their thoughtfully prepared dishes is incomparable, ranging from Peruvian-only cuisine to Italian gastronomy and everything in between.
Address: Parque del Periodista S/N, Huaraz.

5. Chilli Heaven
Among the different Indian and Thailand food restaurants around the country, Chilli Heaven is probably the best. And as if it wasn’t enough, they also serve Mexican food though their specialty are the delicious curry-based dishes. Likewise, if you don’t eat meat, they also have vegetarian options, they certainly thought of everything, huh?
Address: Parque Ginebra, Jirón Jose de Sucre, Huaraz.

6. Mi Comedia Pizzeria
According to our passengers and tour guides, this is the perfect place to sample a woodfired-oven pizza. The restaurant offers the perfect setting with a warm and rustic atmosphere and a carefully selected Italian menu.

There is no doubt about it, Mi Comedia Pizzeria is the best ranked pizza restaurant in the city and the reviews speak for themselves. For those pizza lovers, finding a worthy Italian restaurant may be a challenge, but Huaraz does put things easier and on the table for us!
Address: Av. Centenario 351, Huaraz.

7. Wayta
Here’s another place with exquisite Peruvian gastronomy! Wayta Restaurant has been praised for its authentic flavors and culinary art, since it combines the best of our cultural heritage starting from the Pacific coast until the heart of the Peruvian highlands.
Address: Jr. Simon Bolivar 707, Huaraz.

8. California Cafe
This famous coffee shop offers North American breakfast all day and the fresher roasted coffee in town. The restaurant has the perfect setting to relax during the first days of your stay while trying to acclimatize or even after a long hiking day in the mountains. California Cafe also provides a book exchange and library for those looking to unwind their minds in the cold evenings of Huaraz.
Address: Jirón 28 de Julio 562, Huaraz.

9. Manka Fusión Artesanal
Huaraz is apparently famous for its Italian-Peruvian fusion and this location is one of the perfect examples. Manka Restaurant offers the best of Peruvian cuisine and Italian gastronomy, with prices ranging from S/. 19.00 to S/. 58.00. The location offers a homely and warm establishment and the dishes are certainly well served!
Address: Calle Juan Bautista 840, Huaraz.

10. Cafe Andino
Cafe Andino is the perfect hangout spot for foreign tourists thanks to its friendly atmosphere, completed with a crackling fireplace and a 100% enjoyable music playlist. The renowned coffee shop also has book exchange services and a western-style menu.
Address: Jr. Lucar y Torre 530, Huaraz.

If you’re looking for an authentic gastronomic experience in the city of Huaraz, we have the best options for you. For that reason, we’d like to highlight our local cuisine-oriented travel packages, where you can get immersed in the most renowned culinary art of the Americas whilst still getting to know Peru at its fullest.