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How to Get to Paracas

How to Get to Paracas

We have at least 3 ways to reach Paracas. The main way is getting access to the South Pan-American highway, where you’ll choose between coming from Lima, the main city. In case you choose to come from Nazca, the road is kind of winding, however, be sure you’ll enjoy the views and being close to the Nazca Lines. The last one is from Ica, besides the views of the deserts, you’ll see vineyards as you get to the coast. Here’s the options you have to get to Paracas

-Road Lima -Paracas

-Road Ica - Paracas

-Road Nazca - Paracas

Road Lima- Paracas

Lima is around 360 km away from Paracas, in Lima, you have to take the bus to Lima Bus Terminal, in Avenida Javier Prado. The bus will arrive at the Paracas bus terminal, the bus ride takes around 3 hours and a half, depending on the traffic, and the tickets vary from 35 to 55 soles (12 to 15 dollars).

Cruz del Sur is the more costly, upscale choice. Its buses have onboard amenities, personal TV screens, and other extras. Another option to buy your tickets is Redbus, a webpage where you’ll get plenty of options from coziness to price ranges.

Along the road, you can see scenic landscapes such as the sea, Huacachina, or Pisco region Vineyards. In case you’ll have an emergency or you want to make a brief stop, along the road you’ll find road rest areas, bathrooms, and gas stations. Taking a bus early morning may allow you to visit the City and all the attractions Paracas offers.

Road Ica- Paracas

Paracas is in the Ica region, in the south. Taking this route will allow you to enjoy beautiful dessert and ocean views. The road is about 70 km from Ica, it’ll take you around 3 hours to complete the trip, and the prices are between 8 to 45 soles (2 to 13 dollars)

Also, you will see the Paracas National Reserve, home to aquatic creatures such as penguins, sea lions, and more. Other attractions such as the Ballestas Islands and  Mirador del Cruz del Sur Pointview are nearby. Keep in mind that this area is remote if we compare it to Lima - Paracas Road, so be sure to have everything you’ll need beforehand.

Road Nazca- Paracas

The journey to Paracas from Nazca reveals a certain allure. The route opens to the views of rolling hills and far-off horizons. You see the historic remains of the Nazca Lines as you pass.

Buses are a helpful form of transportation that ensures an easy transition from historical sites to beach activities. For the driver, driving becomes an exercise in contrast, as they move from Nazca's mystery to Paracas's splendor.

This route provides an interesting tour through the coast desert and dry valleys of the southern section of the country, taking around three hours and twenty minutes to complete. This road links the Paracas National Reserve with the well-known Nazca Lines, spanning roughly 220 kilometers.

Beautiful desert views may be seen along the trip, and visitors can stop at intriguing spots like the oasis and city of Ica, as well as archaeological sites.

Driving from Lima

Until now, we talked about public transportation or taking taxis to Paracas. Now, we’ll briefly discuss about the pros and cons of renting a car in Lima.

For the most flexibility, driving is another way to get to Paracas. We highly recommend it. However, keep in mind that driving in Lima is wild and hectic. 

People do not follow basic driving etiquette and don't change lanes or stop at red lights. Not a smart idea for leisure vacationers because you can get stressed up and stop to enjoy the trip.

If you have some experience driving in South America (especially Peru), we recommend renting a car to get to Paracas. You can use the Kayak App where you’ll have plenty of options to choose from. Hertz and Alamo are two good car rental companies in Lima. Their offices are right outside the Jorge Chávez International Airport.

Finally, the option you choose doesn't matter. Just be sure you'll have a great time and unforgettable moments on your day trip, the coastal and desert attractions in Paracas are waiting for you. With Viagens Machu Picchu, you can make the most of your Paracas trip and find more mysterious places. Look at our travel packages and contact us to start our adventure!