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The Best time to Visit Arequipa

The Best time to Visit Arequipa

When it comes to visiting Peru, travelers have the wish to visit Machu Picchu, Inca’s ancient city, Cusco, or Lima, its capital. However, one of Peru’s most famous cities is worth visiting

Also called the white city, Arequipa has a lot to offer attractions, spots, eateries, and more.

They call the second-largest city in Peru the "White City."” It is named for the Misti volcano it houses. Most of the city's infrastructure is built entirely of white volcanic stone, ashlar. The Colca Canyon, La Cruz del Condor, and the white water rafting are some of the hidden gems why you should come to visit this city.

When planning a trip to the beautiful region of Arequipa, consider the climate, the best time to visit, and info about the rainy season—an important concern for Peru tourists. In response to the aforementioned, we will look at and uncover certain aspects of the Arequipa climate.

How’s the Weather in Arequipa?

Arequipa is situated in a lush valley surrounded by high-peaked mountains. Yet, the greater region is located on the verge of the world's driest desert, the Atacama Desert. If you visit Arequipa, expect more severe sun and winds during the day and substantially colder temperatures at night. 

Arequipa experiences also lots of sunny days characteristic of high desert climes, with temperatures reduced by the city's elevation (2,335 meters above sea level). It has two seasons: Rainy and dry season, but, this region enjoys a mostly dry environment all year round. 

Dry Season

The good news is that Arequipa's weather is mostly dry throughout the year. From April to mid-December, the region experiences low humidity, little precipitation, and temperatures that, while nearly identical to summer.

During the dry season, you may do almost anything. You can climb Misti Volcano, visit Colca Canyon, or explore Salinas y Aguada Blanca National Reserve. Here are some trips that be helpful for you:

Since days are sunny and warm, protect yourself from the sun. Arequipa could be hot this time of the season so you may get sunburned. Don’t forget to apply your UV screen every hour.

Even though it is Arequipa’s warmest season, at night it could get very cold. That’s why we recommend bringing warm clothes so you won’t catch a cold and have a bad time.

Arequipa's high altitude may cause altitude sickness. To prevent it, rest for two or three days and drink lots of water.

Rainy Season

From January to March, Arequipa gets more humidity, rain, and clouds. February, the wettest month, has around 9 days of precipitation.  Even if the weather isn't ideal for outdoor activities, you can still enjoy the city. If you’re a person who loves rain and chilly days, you’ll have a good time there.

In case you’re thinking about traveling this time of the year keep in mind the following:

Some visitors opt to visit the Colca Canyon this time of the year, as the mountains get lush and green and the weather gets mild, considering that temperatures may range between 20 to 8 C this season.

Although it pours a lot during this time of year, Arequipa never ceases to amaze you with its beauty. The mountains around Arequipa turn green. After a rainfall, Arequipa Historic Center turns magical as the rain hits the ashlar and la Plaza de Armas.

Bring plenty of rain gear since precipitation could be constant. Don't worry about cold days if you visit this city this season.

What We Recommend

To prevent issues, consider the best months for tourism in Arequipa. The mildest months are March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November, and December.

We recommend visiting the white city during these months. Yet, we can assure pluviophiles that your stay will be unforgettable if your time to visit Arequipa is between January and March.

If you’re planning to visit Cusco and Machu Picchu, a practical travel tip is to do more than one thing at once. It’s best to set up your trip to Arequipa and Cusco during the winter months of May, June, July, and August. 

The weather in Cusco is ideal for exploring historic attractions during the dry season. Rainfall is lower, and the days are usually clear. These months are excellent for enjoying stunning sights and experiencing both cities at their best.

When you have the right information, traveling to Arequipa may be a breeze. Viagens Machu Picchu seeks to provide you with all you need for a wonderful journey to Peru. Do not waste any more time! Discover our trip packages to Peru and start planning a holiday in the White City!