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Shopping in Arequipa

Shopping in Arequipa

Shopping in Arequipa provides you with a chance to get a variety of distinctive items. For many years, locals have used llama and alpaca wool.

 They use it to make high-quality clothing and other items. Several shops sell lovely woolen yarn, sweaters, and mittens. Every product is of outstanding craftsmanship and will last for many years.

The White City has many malls that will wow you. They include the region's largest mall and a few others. Malls in the city are Real Plaza, Mall Porongoche, and Mall Aventura Plaza to mention the most important ones. 

This last one is not just Arequipa's main shopping mall, but also the largest in Peru's southern area. Its huge size provides for a diverse range of retailers, as well as room for concerts, exhibits, and cultural events. The newest part of Paseo Las Terrazas has 13 new eateries and a free coworking area. It confirms the paseo's place as Arequipa's main spot for entertainment and shopping.

Craft Markets in Arequipa

Besides to Shopping Centers in Arequipa, the best spots to shop in this city are its handmade markets. A handmade product market is the place to begin. You can buy something to remember your vacation by. 

Color and tradition surround the markets. They sell handmade things, from little key chains to peculiar regional clothes. Here you will find something to buy within your budget. Some of the craft markets that you should include in your shopping experience are:

Yanahuara Craft Market

While you’re seeing the magnificence of El Misti in El Mirador de Yanahuara, you have the chance to get fine products from this local craft market. This traditional market sells an extensive selection of distinctive goods that represent the spirit of Arequipa.

The small rustic stalls show a wide range of crafts, from iron and silver to volcanic rock, copper, embroidery, looms, ceramics, and textiles, all produced by experienced local craftsmen. Immerse yourself in this lovely and unique corner, where each buy allows you to take home a bit of Arequipa's culture and art.

Address: Cuesta del Ángel 413 (by Yanahuara viewpoint)

Fundo el Fierro Market

This market is currently the  Association of  Craftsmen and Producers Fundo El Fierro, where different items are offered. This crafts market is notable for its attractive traditional plaza and beautiful colonial stands, where you can discover a broad range of goods, including jewelry, wallets, and Arequipa art ponchos. 

The location's distinctive architecture adds to its appeal, providing an ideal chance to get the greatest pictures while you take in everything it has to offer. A whole experience awaits you in a single spot in Arequipa's Historic Center!

Address: Puente Grau St, 213 (By San Francisco Church)

Arequipa’s Local Markets

Local markets offer an extensive variety of fruits, vegetables, and local food. Also, modest food carts offer regional favorites with authentic preferences, providing a memorable experience. You may also come across some crafts stalls, which, while not as usual as at artisan markets, can still give some fascinating finds.

The following are the most popular local markets in Arequipa:

San Camilo Market is ideally situated in the middle of the city, just a few streets from the Plaza de Armas, making it easily accessible to everyone. But Mercado San Camilo’s appeal goes beyond its convenient location; after over 140 years of functioning, the San Camilo market has become a symbol of Arequipa's daily life.

You'll find all you need for creating your favorite meal here, from spices to fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as meats. And you must try the excellent fruit juice made of fresh fruits. Prepare to immerse yourself in the authentic atmosphere of an Arequipa market!

Address: Piérola St, 407 Arequipa

Mercado de la Antiquilla, which is found in Yanahuara's lovely area, stands out as a real local treasure. Despite being tiny, this traditional market is a welcoming and essential hub for locals, constantly ready to meet their daily requirements. In its aisles, you'll discover an array of fresh fruits and vegetables, as well as several vendors selling regional food.

What makes this market even more unique is that it has been designated as something essential to the Nation's Cultural Heritage by the National Institute of Culture (INC). The typical Arequipa volcanic rock exterior adds to the appeal of this spot, making it a must-see on your Yanahuara itinerary.

San Antonio Market invites you to a fascinating experience, as well as the opportunity to taste the region's traditional food. This market, located in the Miraflores area near downtown, is home to over 85 sellers selling fruits, vegetables, groceries, and delicious food.

It's a cozy and calm setting, perfect for leisurely shopping or an authentic Arequipa delicious food experience. Explore this lovely market and get lost in city life.

Other markets we can mention 

Michell Arequipa is a business company that sells alpaca and vicuña wool, baby alpaca wool in the best quality. There’s a museum there and a zoo.

Casona Santa Catalina is another interesting option. Located in the same Santa Catalina Complex, offers expensive items but is worth to buy them.

Patio del Ekeko is a shopping center in the heart of the historic center, about half a block from Plaza Mayor, where locals and foreigners can shop, relax, drink, and eat in a safe and inviting setting.

Finally, in La Plaza de Armas you will come across walking art vendors, men or women carrying leather portfolios. Take a minute to appreciate the art made by themselves that sell it at a reasonable price

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