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Adventure Tours in Arequipa

Adventure Tours in Arequipa

Arequipa holds one of the biggest colonial treasures in South America within its historical center, but it also comprehends the perfect setting for adventure sports such as hiking, rafting and more.

The authentic scenery of the region differs from all others thanks to its geographical position, which adds up a great value to our extensive diversity.

Besides the historical attractions located in the heart of the city, Arequipa is surrounded by majestic natural wonders, the Colca Canyon being the most renowned of them all.

However, if you’ve been following our Arequipa travel guide, then you surely must know about the volcanoes in the White City outskirts.

There’s so much to do in this rising tourist destination, that we want you to have all the information about it. For that reason, we’ve come up with this section, where you’ll learn about the main adrenaline-packed experiences you can join in Arequipa.

Find yourself caught in the middle of the action and explore Arequipa like a local expert with these useful tips!

Treks in Arequipa

For many travelers, the mountainous setting in Arequipa is one of the most unique in southern Peru, since it includes canyons, snow-capped peaks and volcanoes. Here we’ll show you some of the most in-demand hikes in Arequipa:

1. The Colca Canyon
It is the most famous attraction of the region and considered as one of the deepest canyons in the world. The Colca Canyon has a depth of over 4,000 meters, almost twice as deep as the Grand Canyon in the USA.

There are different options to visit this natural wonder, beginning with full-day tours to multi-day treks and excursions. Each offers a unique experience across these ancient lands, where the Andean Condors welcome you if you’re lucky enough! Would you like to know more about the Colca Canyon? Check this travel guide.

2. The Cotahuasi Canyon
It is another of the deepest canyons in the world since it has a depth 3,535 meters above sea level. The site offers the perfect setting for hiking and white-water rafting activities, as well as pre-Inca attractions such as agricultural terraces.

Also, the Cotahuasi Canyon comprehends even more natural wonders, where hot springs, rock forests, giant cactuses and puyas raimondi complement the entire scenery. If you’re looking for an authentic place to visit in Peru, this is the way to go! We have prepared a full guide about this beautiful canyon for you, make sure to check it while you’re here.

4. The Misti Volcano
For those up to a more adventurous experience, there’s the chance to hike up to the summit of the mighty Misti Volcano. It is the guardian of Arequipa city and the one that can be spotted across the entire historical center.

Misti is one of the few active volcanoes in Peru and one of the most challenging treks in the region. For that reason, you must be physically prepared to climb its slippery ashy trail. The trek could take up to 12 hours per day to reach the summit, which is why not many attempt to do so. If you’re eager to know more about this natural wonder, check our Misti Volcano Guide.

5. The Chachani Volcano
Unlike the different volcanoes that surround the so-called White City of Arequipa, the Chachani volcano is one of the easiest to climb. However, it is worth mentioning that this is a high-altitude location which is why you must spend some time in Arequipa before venturing out to its summit.

Due to the high elevation of this natural wonder, the Chachani Volcano is considered to be a moderate to challenging trek since the trail is covered in volcanic materials and ashes, which makes it difficult to pass on the trail.

However, you can get to the base camp by bus or a 4x4 truck. If you’re up to this adventure you must have a great physical condition, and most importantly, to be properly acclimatized before committing to this activity. Check our Chachani Volcano Travel Guide for more information.

White-Water Rafting in the Chili River

The Chili River has the perfect rapid category to practice white-water rafting since its levels range between III and IV. This water body crosses a great part of the Arequipa city, making its way through the Chachani and Misti volcanoes and bordering the Cusco and Puno departments.

The activity is as exciting as you can imagine since it crosses a beautiful natural scenery surrounded by towering volcanic walls, offering a breathtaking landscape from start to end. Also, the difficulty level of the river is suitable for beginners that look to spice up their adventure in Peru.

Important Note: It is worth mentioning that we do not operate any of these activities though we do offer the Colca Canyon Tour starting from Arequipa or Puno. If you wish to include any of these activities in your travel itinerary, make sure to contact our travel agents.

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