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Getting Around in Arequipa

Getting Around in Arequipa

Arequipa is one of Peru's largest cities. Currently, the simplest approach to get around Arequipa is to take a cab or Uber, both of which have reasonable prices. Arequipa is a calm city, yet, due to its size, traffic congestion may occur at times, as is typical of bigger Peruvian cities.

So, if your goal is to explore the city, walking is the best option. This is especially true in areas like Arequipa's Historic Center. If your hotel is somewhat far from the center, we recommend taking a cab or Uber. This will get you closer to the central area, where you can enjoy the tourist attractions.

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Cabs and Taxi Apps

When you get to the airport or the terminal terrestre  (bus station), you’ll see several taxi drivers approaching you offering their services. Taxi is always the best option to get around a city like Arequipa. 

Unlike other countries, not only in Arequipa, but in the whole of Peru there is no taxi meter in taxis; the driver stops the car, you determine your destination before getting in, and he offers a charge. It is usually suggested to discuss the fare till you reach an agreement.

When requesting a cab on the street, keep in mind that drivers with newer cars typically demand higher prices than those with older vehicles. Bargaining the price of a ride is always advisable, regardless of the model.

 For security reasons, it is best to take cabs from recognized companies. Hotels and restaurants in Arequipa frequently work with taxi services that they have agreements with, known as "safe taxis," which usually travel in modern cars. Although a bit more costly, they offer greater safety.

A recent alternative is apps like Uber or InDrive, cheaper, safer, and more comfortable. Using these apps you don’t need to speak Spanish or let the driver know where are you exactly going.

Consider that to request an Uber, you need a connection to the internet on your phone. Airlalo, a multi-country app, provides a virtual SIM card service that can be quite useful. It's simple to set up and does not require you to change your phone's SIM card.

Public Transportation and Car Rental

This one is way cheaper than Taxi apps or Cabs, but, consider that Peru’s transportation system is not a good one. These “micros” or “combis” have a driver and a fare collector. In case you are in the mood to try how Peruvians commute or what it feels like to have this experience, we recommend this option. 

Don’t forget to bring some cash coins with you as “el cobrador”  (fare collector) only accepts coin cash. You’ll see several bus companies in the city, so in case you take one of these, ask the driver or a local to get to your destination safe and sound.

Regarding Car Rental, we have to say that this is not a good option since driving in Peru could be stressful. Bad roads, lots of traffic, rude drivers, and jaywalkers are some reasons why this transportation method is not practical

Taking a Stroll in Arequipa

We recommend this option if your hotel is in the historic center and you love walking. The tourist area in Arequipa is relatively small, so if you are in good condition and love taking a stroll exploring new spots, this is your perfect chance.

If you're fatigued or don't prefer to walk, Uber or a cab are great options. However, it is crucial to stay aware of traffic when crossing roads, as the flow of cars is ongoing, and drivers do not sometimes prioritize pedestrians.

Tours and transfers in Arequipa

As public transportation in Arequipa is not usually the best option for travelers, arranging activities through a tour agency can be a great choice, particularly if the destination you wish to visit is a little further away from where you're staying.

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