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While planning a trip abroad, luxury and comfort are two of the principal aspects for many travelers. Thanks to Peru’s diversity, travelers have the opportunity to sign up for many activities and different attractions for all tastes and ages. 

Traveling in comfort is not just staying in 5-star hotels, it also implies fine dining, high-quality services, and having an intimate experience through the history, nature, and cultural heritage of the region. 

Therefore, we care to provide the best experience for those looking for indulgence but still wanting to know our country in-depth. Below you’ll find detailed information about the best locations to visit while traveling in-style and comfortably.


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Also known as the Gastronomic Capital of Latin America, this city gathers the world's most renowned restaurants due to their exquisite flavors and unique culinary art. Likewise, Lima is home to over 600 historical monuments within its historical center, granting it recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991. 

Apart from Lima's historical and cultural expression, the city also comprehends day spas, modern and colonial art museums, famous Alpaca wool clothing shops, and more.  

Lima is the starting point for most travelers that visit the Peruvian region. Nevertheless, you cannot miss the chance of exploring its colorful streets, especially its most acclaimed districts: Miraflores and Barranco. Learn more about Lima here →

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The Imperial City of the Incas awaits to amaze you with its unique cultural expression and historical monuments. Cusco was declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1983 due to the impressive architectural style caused by the fusion of the Colonial and Inca eras.

Cusco is the most in-demand travel destination among tourists in Peru since it is home to Machu Picchu. Yet, this region is also known for having the most visually striking natural scenery of the Andes. 

For those looking for comfort and top-quality services, the Imperial City is home to boutique hotels built over 300 years ago, with authentic history and structures that will take you through a back-in-time journey. 

However, there’s much to see and visit in Cusco that you’d be interested to know more about this part of the country. If you wish more information, please visit our informative guides →

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Sacred Valley of the Incas

The majesty of the Andean highlands will leave you breathless. Deep dive into the ancient energy of this land and uncover its mysteries.

The Sacred Valley of the Incas holds several constructions of great importance during the pre-Columbian era and the colonization process. Likewise, the exuberant nature of this region will make you feel grounded and connected in such ways you would never imagine.

Within the heart of the sacred valley lies the rumbling Urubamba river, which invites you to unwind your mind and body as you make your way through these lands. Some 5-star hotels have taken advantage of these features to offer a distinctive experience with this region's spellbinding attributes. Learn more about the Sacred Valley of the Incas here →

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Aguas Calientes

Although this is only a passing town for visiting Machu Picchu, it is famous for its dream-like scenery, where the predominant nature of the high jungle embraces the energy of the imposing Inca citadel.

This other-worldly location is the meeting point to every Machu Picchu visitor, but it has also kept its secrets. Likewise, many hotels are looking forward to the preservation of the exuberant nature of this region by teaching the importance of its diversity to their guests. 

The secondary asset of Aguas Calientes is Ecotourism, where these top-quality hotels allow you to explore the exotic gardens of the region. While offering a break from the vain world and release the accumulated dense energy within yourself by taking yoga classes, special massage sessions with organic Andean products, and spiritual cleansing ceremonies. Learn more about the Machu Picchu town here →