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The Best time to Visit the Colca Canyon

The Best time to Visit the Colca Canyon

This canyon is in the province of Arequipa. It is one of the world's deepest, reaching 3270 meters below the surface. When you visit this canyon, you'll see stunning scenery. You'll also see beautiful condors flying and charming towns.

But first, let’s see some details about climate and weather. You should know them to enjoy your trip to this beautiful wonder of nature.

Weather in Colca Canyon

Colca Canyon's weather is usually dry all year. From April to mid-December, the region is dry and hot like summer. The Dry Season is a great time to visit this area as the temperature varies from 18°C to 4°C. Don’t forget to wear sunscreen. The weather is sunny and warm, reaching over 20 C. 

However, in Arequipa's warmest season, early mornings and nights may be very cold. That's why we recommend carrying warm clothes. This will help you avoid getting a cold and having an unpleasant experience. 

On the other hand, the Rainy Season goes from January to March, and this area experiences more humidity, rain, and clouds. February is the wettest month, with approximately 9 days of precipitation. 

Some travelers visit the Colca Canyon now. The mountains are lush and green and the weather is mild. Temperatures range from 20 to 8 C. Keep in mind that some tours or trips may get canceled due to bad weather. Rain could be sudden, so, we recommend bringing rain gear, good waterproof shoes, and a raincoat.

Best Time to see the Condor

Although there is a high probability of seeing the condor flying in this season, we cannot guarantee that condors will fly at that time or during the dry season, as we consider Condor Watching a natural experience.

Tip: La Cruz del Condor is a famous viewpoint in the Colca Valley. When you see the Condor at its best, make sure to do it in this elevated place.

And the best time is…

The best time to visit the Colca Canyon depends on your own tastes and the activities you want to carry out during your vacation. However, the best time to explore the Colca Canyon is during the dry season, specifically from May to September.?During these months, the weather is more consistent and dry, making outdoor activities like hiking, bird watching, and condor sightings.

The temperatures are warmer throughout the day, making touring the canyon more enjoyable, and the nights are often cool but not too cold.?We also recommend evaluating the high season, which lasts from May to September. This is the optimum time to take advantage of the area's tourism activities and services.

However, if you want to avoid crowds and don't mind slightly uncertain weather, the low season (December to April) is a wonderful option. During the low season, the scenery is often greener thanks to infrequent showers, and you may be able to find better discounts on lodging and tours.

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