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Best Things to Do in the Colca Canyon

Best Things to Do in the Colca Canyon

The Colca Canyon is waiting for you, it has an array of activities and attractions ready to be seen. You’ll have a wonderful time discovering the best spots in one of the deepest canyons in the world.

Hike the Colca Canyon 

The Colca Canyon trek is one of the best hikes in Peru to go trekking, either alone or with a group. Treks across the Colca Canyon make use of the network of hiking paths that link the   Colca Valley's villages. 

Depending on your schedule, there are several ways to hike this area such as one to 3 day tours. several ways to hike this area. There will be fewer people using the paths as you travel farther.

Colca paths are often incredibly steep. Before hiking, visitors have to be sure they are acclimated to the altitude. People with back or knee issues are encouraged to stay closer to town. 

They should try easier walks to hot springs, historical monuments, and observation spots. remember that Viagens Machu Picchu offers  Colca Canyon tours, for more information you can contact our travel experts.

See the Condor flying

One of the best things to do in Colca Canyon is to visit the Cruz del Condor viewpoint. Do this early in the morning to see the great Andean condors in flight. The location gives stunning views of the canyon and one of the best chances to see these incredible birds soaring on heat currents.

You’ll see no entrance fee at Cruz del Condor, which is conveniently accessible by bus from nearby cities like Chivay and Cabanaconde. Although buses and cars are available, we recommend booking a tour.

We see Andean condor viewing as a natural experience. There is a good chance of seeing the birds fly this season, however, we can't guarantee that they will take to the air then or during the dry season. As the morning wears on, the vista may get congested with visitors.

Discover Arequipa’s salt mines

The Salinas and Aguada Blanca National Reserve includes areas from the departments of Arequipa and Moquegua. This location spans about 366,936 hectares. Here, you can discover the wildlife and plants of the area while taking in the most breathtaking views and attractions at this reserve.

The scenery consists of lakes, snow-capped mountains, forests at high altitudes, and volcanoes. And huge grasslands surround it. The Laguna Salinas and its salar are among its most beloved sights. Salinas, which is similar to Uyuni but on a lesser scale, provides an experience unlike that of the city.

Get soak in Chacapi

  Soaking in the hot springs in Chacapi in the Yanque district, close to Chivay, is one of the most tranquil activities you can do in Peru's Colca Canyon. The minerals help those with rheumatic problems. They also provide a chance to relax after hiking or exploring canyons.

You must pay a small entry fee to visit the hot springs. This money supports the springs' upkeep and on-site amenities like lockers and changing rooms.

From Chivay, is easy to access these thermal baths. It's best to go in the late afternoon or evening when the warm waters are even more alluring due to the temperature difference.

This place has thermal hot waters with two outdoor pools at 45°C. The pools offer an impressive view of the surrounding nature.

Take a look at the  Pinchollo Geyser

This geyser is a naturally occurring geothermal phenomenon in the Colca Valley, close to Chivay, Peru. Touring the Colca Canyon region, visitors can visit this particular geyser. Underground volcanic activity causes the geyser's famous eruptions. They release steam and hot water from the ground. 

Visitors can see these eruptions. They allow us to witness the amazing natural display made by the earth's geothermal forces underground. People who visit the Colca Canyon region find it singular and fascinating.

Interact with locals in Coparaque

Experiential tourism offers visitors an immersive trip taking them into the heart of Andean culture and nature. You can find it in Coporaque village. 

The village is hidden in the magnificent Colca Valley near Arequipa. Travelers can have many fascinating experiences. These experiences let them deeply engage with the local way of life.

The chance to take part in traditional farming is a highlight. You can plant and harvest crops like potatoes and quinoa with farmers. This practical experience offers insight into the region's farming legacy. It also shows the processes passed down through generations.

Discover The Colca Valley Villages

Chivay is the main town, a vibrant yet quaint village. Visitors there can peruse markets full of vibrant crafts and produce. La Calera and other nearby hot springs offer a tranquil getaway. The old colonial architecture adds a touch of history.

Yanque offers a calm atmosphere. It sits amid terraced fields and great mountain views. These views are especially good around its pretty Plaza de Armas. They're also near the famous Church of San Juan Bautista. 

During festivals, the community comes to life. They give insight into Andean customs and festivities. Travelers have different lodging tastes. They can choose from opulent resorts to rural cottages.

Maca is known for its ancient church and terraced meadows. Maca offers visitors a tranquil haven where they may relax amid breathtaking scenery. 

The town is fascinating. It's for people who want a real Andean experience. This is because of its focus on Andean traditions, craftsmanship, and cultural heritage.

These communities are by the Colca Valley. They offer a rich mix of history, culture, and beauty. They call visitors to explore and immerse in Peru's highland treasures.

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