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Getting Around in the Colca Canyon

Getting Around in the Colca Canyon

Visitors to Colca Canyon have a variety of transportation choices at their disposal to move about. Taking tours offered by transportation firms is a popular choice because it offers a comfortable bus excursion to see the key areas of interest.

Trekking and cycling are great ways to explore the canyon and its surroundings while taking in the breathtaking scenery for those seeking a more daring experience.

You can also hire a trip that includes transportation or use the nearby taxi services. We invite you to discover our Colca Canyon Tour: Two days and one night. This tour consists of visiting  Pampa Cañahuas, Colca Canyon, Mollepunko (optional), and Callalli, which are all included in our itinerary. You will spend the first day of your stay in a cozy Chivay hotel. We have to head out early on this particular day to ensure we don't miss the famous Andean condor flying over the Colca Canyon. There's a great view of the canyon from this vantage. 

Gorgeous settlements like Yanque, Maca, and Pinchollo will be visible to you. Their scenery is sure to fascinate you. You can walk the hour or so to the Cruz del Condor viewpoint if you have energy left. From this vantage point, the Colca Canyon is visible. The valley's croplands and ancient, pre-Inca terraces are also visible. Following the expedition, we'll have lunch in Chivay before returning to Arequipa.

We guarantee you will have a singular experience exploring the Colca Valley on this excursion. In conclusion, the Colca Canyon offers a range of transportation choices, each providing a distinctive approach to exploring this remarkable location.

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