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Hotels in Chivay

Planning a trip through Peru couldn’t be easier when having the best information. Therefore, we came up with this section to help you choose the best accommodation options according to your interests.

Chivay is a small village in the Colca Canyon, making it the perfect getaway destination from the bustling Arequipa city. To take the stress away, here we’ll analyze the different hotel categories in Chivay plus give you recommendations about the best places to stay.

The Chivay region is one of the most visited in Peru, due to its natural wonders and cultural expression. Besides, you will certainly be spellbound to Chivay’s natural beauty.

Whether you’re looking for economic or luxurious hotel options, Chivay has everything you need. Get to know everything about the accommodation in this picturesque town and start planning the trip of your life with Viagens Machu Picchu!

3-Star Hotels - Standard

Also categorized as standard hotels, they include several amenities and much more comfortable facilities. Most 3-Star Hotels in Peru have a maximum of 20 rooms, each with flat-screen TVs, land-line phone, safe box, and even heating. Likewise, every room has a private bathroom with hot water.

The hotel rooms are larger in comparison to the 2-Star Hotels and often include higher-quality contemporary furnishing. In most Standard Hotels, you’ll also find storage and laundry services, as well as day spas. If you’d like to know more about this accommodation option, this is the most renowned 3-star hotels:

- Casa Andina Standard - Colca
- Killawasi Lodge
- Pozo del Cielo
- Colca Llaqta
- La Casa de Anita

4-Star Hotels - Superior

They are often referred to as Superior Hotels since they include even more amenities and services than the 3-Star options, such as fine dining, a fitness center, day spas, storage, laundry, day spas, and an array of special suites.

Most hotels in this category have a maximum of 30 rooms, each with a private bathroom with bathtubs and hot water. They also include flat-screen TVs, a land-line phone, safe box, and 24h room service. The rooms are thoughtfully decorated with premium furnishings and luxurious touches. This is our 4-star hotel recommendations:

- Pozo del Cielo
- Aranwa Pueblito Encantado Del Colca
- El Refugio Chivay
- Casona Plaza Hotel Ecolodge

5-Star Hotels - Luxury

The five-star hotels are the most luxurious options in Peru. They are decorated in such an innovative way with fine architectural finishes and cutting-edge interior design. The hotels in this category offer high standards of comfort and quality, as well as facilities and services such as: high-class fitness centers, day spas, heated swimming pools, hot tubs, buffet restaurants, and more.

Most luxury hotels in Peru have about 40 rooms with private bathrooms, hot water, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, safe box, land-line phone, 24h room service and more. Each space is authentically decorated with top-quality furnishing to provide a much comfortable experience. The most recognized 5-star hotels in Chivay: Belmond - Las Casitas del Colca.

We’d like to highlight that these are a few of the many accommodation options we work with, we have an extensive list of hotels in Chivay and the whole Peruvian region. Therefore, if you wish more information about the different hotels we provide, please contact our travel agents.