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Other Attractions in Trujillo

Other Attractions in Trujillo

If you’ve been following our Trujillo travel guide, you surely have heard about the powerful Chimu and Moche cultures, two empires that marked the Peruvian north coast and influenced the development of succeeding societies.

Trujillo is certainly a magical city with an impressive Colonial urban scenery that you surely can’t miss! Likewise, it also holds an extensive part of our history, where a gloomy past has come to the surface, as well as the magnificent artwork of the previously mentioned societies.

There’s so much to see and visit in this region that one day is just not enough, which is why we want you to know everything about Trujillo so you can start planning the best Peru travel itinerary. Here we have listed a few of the most important archaeological sites within the region:

1. Tschudi Palace
This ancient temple is located within the Chan Chan archeological site. It is believed to be a sea cult center belonging to the Chimú culture.

Its walls are decorated with high relief figures of fishes that face to the north and south, from which archeologists have deduced that they represented the two currents that mark the Peruvian coast: The humboldt, coming from the south, and El Niño current, coming from the north.

2. Huaca Arcoiris
Also known as Huaca del Dragón, it is another Pre-Inca structure located in the outskirts of Trujillo. This ancient temple was a ceremonial and administrative center built entirely of adobe. Its walls are decorated with murals with anthropomorphic figures that represent a rainbow.

However, due to the lack of information about this ceremonial center, there’s a constant debate about whether this structure belonged to the Mochica or Chimú culture.

3. El Brujo Archeological Site
It is one of the oldest and most significant archeological sites of the northern coast of Peru, where the biggest archeological discovery was found, La Señora de Cao, a woman who might have been a high ranking priestess or even a Moche ruler.

Currently, her remains are found in the site’s museum alongside textiles and some other objects that belonged to the Mochica culture.

4. Royal Tombs Museum
The Royal Tombs of Sipan Museum will show you an overview of Mochica customs; there you’ll appreciate the original pieces discovered in the Royal Cemetery of Sipan such as: The tomb of the Lord of Sipán, the priest's tomb, the tomb of the Old Lord of Sipán, where you can see fascinating ornaments made entirely of gold.

How to Get There?

If planning to visit this cultural and historical city, you can easily travel to Trujillo by plane or bus. To help you organize your itinerary, we have gathered a few recommendations for you:

- Traveling by Bus: Trujillo is easily accessible by bus rides. If you’re coming from Lima, keep in mind that this will be a 8-hour bus trip through the warmest part of the country. However, if you’re up to this adventure, make sure to add other destinations in between so you don’t miss anything on the way.
- Flights to Trujillo: This would be the most advisable way to get to Trujillo since it takes only 1 hour to get there from the city of Lima. For those willing to experience this city at its fullest, we highly recommend taking a commercial flight. That way, you’ll get to know even more of this authentic city. Learn more about this adventure here.

If you wish to know what’s the best way to travel around Peru, don’t forget to check our informative guide and start planning your trip through this South American gem!

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