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Food & Food Tour in Trujillo

Food & Food Tour in Trujillo

Trujillo's cuisine is unique, rooted in historical heritage, and incredibly delicious. Over a hundred traditional dishes emphasize the use of birds, seaweed, fish, shellfish, and soil-based materials.

The names of the meals are almost always distinctive, including indigenous, and their preparations contain a variety of secrets, however, let’s see some traditional dishes in Trjuillo’s Food Culture.

- Ceviche is a fish-based dish, seasoned with onions and lime juice, the most representative dish in Peruvian food culture, the ideal dish to spend your days in Trujillo's hot weather.

- Seco de cabrito (Lamb Stew): This dish consists of a tender goat stew marinated in chicha and other spices, accompanied with beans.

- Shambar is a wheat soup with pork skin, smoked ham, beans, and chives. It's served with roasted corn. This soup is typically served on Mondays.

-Sopa Teologa (Theologic Soup) combines turkey broth with soaked bread, potatoes, milk, and cheese. This is a distinctive soup that most “Trujillanos” eat at big events.

- Arroz con Pato (Rice with duck) This dish is popular in Trujillo and Chiclayo, another City in north Peru. This dish mixes duck meat and spices seasoned rice, which absorbs all the savory fluids of the duck and chicha de Jora.

- Frito Trujillano (Trujillo fried dish) This stew is served with yucca and a distinctive Creole sauce prepared using onion, pepper, lemon, and salt. In Trujillo's Historic Center, you'll find popular restaurants for this lunch.

Now take a look at Trujillo  delicious and long-established drinks you must try:

- Chicha de Jora is an ancient Peruvian drink that is made from brewed jora, a type of yellow corn. The Incas used chicha de jora in their rituals, however, there is evidence that pre-inca cultures, such as the moche, used to prepare and drink this beverage.

Nowadays, the preparation of this drink varies according to the region where you’re in. For example, in Trujillo, this beverage is currently prepared significantly in the Moche district.

- Chicha Morada is a non-alcoholic drink from Peru that has been used and drank even before the Inca Empire existed. It is often made by cooking purple maize and pineapple rinds in water until it turn purple.

People often add cloves, cinnamon, and sugar to increase the flavor. In Peru, this simple drink can be found in street markets, upscale restaurants, and private homes.

In the following brief list, we’ll show you some desserts that this region provides:

King Kong is a delicacy consisting of layers that alternate between various toppings and cookies, resulting in a massive layered pastry. Back in northern Peru, people quickly used the ape's moniker to refer to the enormous biscuit.

Tajadon Trjuillano is a sponge cake-like dish that has been present since the 16th century when nuns at Trujillo convents created it. This delicacy is also known as "Chimbo Huevo," and while it may sound incredible, it has been prepared for more than 500 years.

Trujillanos prepare this dessert from egg yolk, pisco, and honey, infused with anise, and served with nuts such as raisins and almonds. What is the ideal accompaniment? Coffee is unquestionably the answer.

Food Tour

Dare to do a food day tour in the city of eternal spring: In the morning you can try a pan con chicharron accompanied by a cup of strong Peruvian coffee. In case you are in the mood for something lighter, humitas or tamales are your best bet. You can try all these Peruvian delicacies in Trujillo Central Market or some other local markets around La Plaza de Armas.

For lunch, you can try eating at Squalos, a traditional eatery that serves not only the best food of Trujillo but also the best food that Peru offers. Another good option is Romano Criollo Restaurant, a restaurant that is more than 25 years in the market.

For dinner, tour the city's restaurants and try new dishes. Trujillo caters to all tastes and budgets, with seafood, vegetarian, and gourmet options. Don't forget to pair your dinner with a tasty pisco sour, Peru's signature cocktail.

To summarize, Trujillo's cuisine offers a multi-sensory experience. Its unique blend of flavors, fragrances, and traditions will take you on a journey through the cultural and culinary riches of this intriguing city in northern Peru. 

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