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Aguas Calientes Hot Springs

Aguas Calientes Hot Springs

For those coming from the Inca Trail or any other trek to Machu Picchu, you’ll be glad to know there’s a special spot in the Aguas Calientes town that will help you heal those sore muscles and to unwind your mind in a magical location surrounded by nature and towering mountains.

Yes, we are aware that most travelers come to Aguas Calientes to just visit the famous Inca Citadel and then return to Cusco. But there’s so much more to experience in the so-called Machu Picchu Town that you should know about.

Take at least two days for your Machu Picchu adventure and discover the natural wonders hidden in this fairy-tale region. In this section, we’ll talk about one of the best attractions in Aguas Calientes, and we repeat again… it’s not the historical sanctuary up the mountain.

Instead, Aguas Calientes is also known for its thermo-medicinal hot springs, a group of five pools with temperatures ranging between 38°C and 46°C. Would you like to know what makes them special? Here you’ll know why!

The Healing Waters of Machu Picchu

The thermal springs are located only 800 meters away from the Machu Picchu Town main square, which is why it’s easily accessible from any point of the touristy village. These hot baths originated thanks to the volcanic activity of the region and were later adapted for tourism.

The water emerges from underground water channels conducted to these pools. It was a mild yellow color, which may give the impression of being dirty, though that’s because of the chemical composition of the water, being sulfur the reason behind this coloration.

Thanks to its mineral-rich composition, the hot springs’ water is known for helping with rheumatic diseases and much more. Here are some of its benefits:

- Improves metabolism and digestion.
- Helps the body to release toxins.
- Balances blood pressure.
- Improves skin oxygenation.
- Helps ease muscular pain.

Therefore, if you’re feeling tired from your adventure through the Andes until Machu Picchu, this is the best place to sit back and relax so you can return to Cusco feeling 100% renovated.

Although the pools are not deep or large enough for a swim, they certainly help you unwind your mind and connect even deeper with nature itself. As we mentioned earlier, the site is surrounded by beautiful natural scenery that you certainly can’t miss!

If you’re wondering about the facilities on the site, the complex offers a basic infrastructure with dressing rooms, showers, restrooms and a coffee-bar. The hot baths are open Monday to Sunday, from 05:00 a.m. to 20:00 p.m.

How to Get To Aguas Calientes Thermal Springs?

As the name implies, they are located within the Aguas Calientes town, only a few minutes from the main square. To get there is as simple as following Hermanos Ayar avenue, one of the main roads in town.

Keep in mind that there are no taxis in Aguas Calientes, for that reason you’ll have to make your way to this natural wonder by foot, which should not be difficult at all. Besides, Aguas Calientes does provide a dream-like setting where the flora and fauna of the region will greet you along the route.

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