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We want you to know much more of Peru than what you would on a regular travel package. Our team has designed this itinerary so you can take part in our ancient traditions while also getting to know the history and esoteric side of the most important archeological sites in Cusco, like Machu Picchu.

This itinerary will allow you to connect with nature and your inner self, following the same rituals and ceremonies that our people have been carrying out for centuries. The best part is that every excursion is led by a shaman guide, so you can have a more profound experience in the Andes!

Pilgrimages in the Heart of the Andes
Confirmed Group: (05/09 a 10/09/2023)




  • day 1

    Arrival in Cusco - Transfer to Hotel

    Our team will be waiting at the Cusco airport to take you to the hotel. We recommend drinking the famous Coca tea, known for helping with any altitude sickness symptoms. 

    After checking in at the hotel, our team will inform you about the city’s sights with a map, while also indicating restaurants, exchange offices, shops and more. 

    Important Note: Cusco is located at 3,399 meters above sea level. Therefore, we highly recommend you take a few hours to get used to the altitude before exploring the beautiful Historic Center of Cusco.

    Overnight in Cusco.

  • day 2

    Archaeological City Tour in Cusco

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    From 9:00 a.m. to 11:00 a.m. – Enjoy the different sightings within the historic center of Cusco with our local guide. (Exclusive tour available for Viagens Machu Picchu passengers only).

    In the afternoon, we’ll start the Archaeological City Tour with a visit to the different attractions within the city and its surroundings, like Sacsayhuaman, the Qoricancha Temple, Q’enqo, and more.

    Our shaman guide will explain the mystical and esoteric features of each archeological site, so you can have a broader view of the religious evolution in the Cusco region. Also, we’ll get to meditate in one of the most important fortresses so we can connect with the wind element.

    Likewise, this itinerary will take us to other energetic places where we’ll connect with Mother Earth and Mother Nature in a small ritual. Finishing the tour, we’ll return to the city of Cusco.

    Overnight in Cusco

  • day 3

    Moray, Maras Salt Mines & Ollantaytambo | Fire Ceremony

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    We have prepared a day full of activities for you, where our first stop will be the outstanding agricultural center of Moray, which consists of several circular terraces used for agricultural experimentation, though they might have a more mystical purpose. Later, we’ll make a quick stop in the Maras Salt Mines

    Following the itinerary, we’ll head to Ollantaytambo, a lost in time town with beautiful urban and natural settings. Here we’ll get to explore the archeological site to learn all about this majestic structure. 

    Later, we will locate a place where we can get in etheric contact and channel the energy of all these different points. Before finishing the excursion, we’ll perform a cleanse ceremony, focused on depurating the soul and body of bad energies with the use of fire and smoke. 

    We will harmonize our etheric bodies with our physical bodies in an environment full of subtle vibrations, for a direct connection with the Apus and Allpa Mama.

    Overnight in the Sacred Valley of the Incas.

  • day 4

    Pisac Market, Inkariy Museum & Aguas Calientes

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    On this day, we’ll get to explore the rest of the Sacred Valley but first, we’ll head towards the Pisac Market, a place located in a beautiful corner of the valley. 

    There we’ll have a break from the hustle and bustle of the tourist attractions, while also taking the opportunity to meditate and learn a bit more of the Andean cosmovision. This place holds a circular pre-Inca temple and an enigmatic rock with figures that represent the spirit of water.

    Later, we’ll visit the Inkariy Museum, where we’ll have a broader comprehension of the esoteric knowledge of other cultures that predated the Incas. Here you’ll learn about the Caral, Cahvín, Paracas, Moche, Nasca, Wari, Lambayeque and Chimu societies.

    Finishing the excursion, we’ll have a lunch break so we can taste the delicious Peruvian gastronomy once again. Later, we’ll head to Ollantaytambo to catch the train to Aguas Calientes.

    Overnight in Aguas Calientes.

  • day 5

    Machu Picchu Tour with Shaman Guide

    The wait is finally over, now it’s time to live the dream! Our team will take you from the hotel to board the bus up to Machu Picchu. The bus ride takes about 30 minutes from Aguas Calientes to Machu Picchu’s main entrance. 

    Our shaman guide will provide all the details about this wonder of the world, including the mysteries and fascinating facts of the Inca culture. Later, we’ll have a brief meditation, while asking permission to the Apus (ceremonies or rituals are not allowed in Machu Picchu).

    Afterwards, we’ll have some free time to explore, rest, meditate or just feel the spiritual energy of Machu Picchu. Once the tour is over, we’ll go back to Aguas Calientes to return to the city of Cusco by train.

    Overnight in Cusco.

    Now, if you’d like to spice up your experience in Machu Picchu, please check these additional services:

    ♦ Exclusive lunch at the Belmond Sanctuary Lodge Hotel, located just in front of the entrance to Machu Picchu.
    ♦ Return on the Vistadome train, a panoramic train with first class seats.
    ♦ Entrance to Huayna Picchu Mountain. The most in-demand additional hike within Machu Picchu. This mountain offers an outstanding view of the citadel and great picture opportunities.

    For further information, please contact our sales team

  • day 6

    Transfer to Cusco Airport

    Breakfast at the hotel.

    Our team will be waiting for you at the hotel to take you to the airport 2 hours before your flight departure. This will be the last of our services.

    Quick Tip: If your flight from Cusco to Lima departs in the afternoon, we encourage you to visit some of the museums within the historic center: The Contemporary Art Museum, the Regional Museum, the Coricancha Museum, and the Popular Art Museum. Don’t worry about the entrance fees, they are all included in your Cusco Tourist Ticket!


Hotels with breakfast
- 03 nights at Xima Cusco Hotel
- 01 night at Hotel Sonesta Posada Yucay 
- 01 night at La Jaya Hotel

Tours and Excursions with a Shaman Guide
- Cusco Archeological City tour | Regular Service - Shaman Guide 
- Sacred Valley of the Incas Tour + buffet lunch | Regular Service - Shaman Guide 
- Guided tour at Machu Picchu | Regular service - Shaman Guide 
- Moray Tour + Box lunch | Regular Service - Shaman Guide 
- Expedition Touristic Train | Ollantaytambo > Aguas Calientes
- Tourist Bus | Aguas Calientes > Machu Picchu > Aguas Calientes
- Entrance to the Inca citadel of Machu Picchu
- Vistadome Tourist Train | Machu Picchu > Cusco
- Tickets to all archeological complexes to visit

- Transfer Airport > Hotel in Cusco
- Transfer | Poroy Station > Hotel in Cusco
- Transfer Hotel in Cusco > Airport

Benefits of Viagens Machu Picchu
- 24 hour assistance in Spanish and English.
- Professional team on all tours and treks.
- Guided tours in Spanish and English; inform in advance.
- Personalized concierge and assistance to your needs during your stay.

What is not included?
- Travel insurance.
- Domestic or international airfare.
- Food and beverages not mentioned above.
- Extra Expenses: Personal expenses, laundry, telephone calls, and details not mentioned in the itinerary.


Hotels Categories Validity
Cusco: or Similar Room Standard Room 3 night(s) - Breakfast
Sacred Valley of the Incas: Sonesta Posada del Inca - Yucay, or Similar Room Standard Room 1 night(s) - Breakfast
Aguas Calientes: -Tierra Viva, Taypikala, Golden Sunrise, or Similar Room Standard Room 1 night(s) - Breakfast
AccommodationPackage value per person.
of 01/01/2023 to 31/12/2023
Single $ 1,304 USD Double $ 991 USD Triple $ 962 USD

Optional Tours

Buffet Lunch at the Sanctuary Lodge Restaurant
Located in the luxurious Sanctuary Lodge hotel (former Orient Express); It is the only one located very close to the entrance to Machu Picchu.
• From USD
40.00 per person.

Return train Vistadome Service
First class train with panoramic view, typical dance show and service on board.
• From USD 70.00 per person.

Entrance to the Machu Picchu or Huayna Picchu Mountain
Small path that runs from the Inca citadel to the viewpoint of Huayna Picchu, a strategic and unique place where you have the most complete view of the Machu Picchu citadel.
• From USD 65.00 per person.

Private Tours and Walks

They are ideal for those who want a more personalized service, where the schedules of the tours and walks are more flexible, according to the client's preference. To request a private or personalized service, contact our travel agents.

General information

1. Would my admission ticket to Machu Picchu be refundable in case I change the date or cancel my trip?

Recently, the Ministry of Culture of Peru made an update regarding the changes to the admisison ticket to Machu Picchu: all ticket sales are now final. Therefore, the tickets we purchase as a part of your tour package are not refundable, and also cannot be transferred to another person or modified to another date.

2. Do you arrange commercial and international flights?

At the moment, we do not arrange international or commercial flights. However, we will help you organize your trip and flight schedules before traveling abroad. Make sure to contact our team and get personalized assistance for planning your trip.

3. Do you organize personalized travel packages?

Yes, our main goal as a travel agency is to provide an authentic adventure in our country. Therefore, if you’re looking to travel off the beaten path or to be provided with the best trip itinerary through Peru, make sure to contact our team.

4. Do you offer private tours?

Yes, we have private excursions to different locations in Peru. We are looking forward to guaranteeing comfort while still showing a great part of our historical and cultural heritage.

5. How do I book a travel package?

Booking a travel package is as easy as requesting a quote on any of our options. Once you’ve filled in your details, one of our travel assistants will get in touch with you. If you still have no idea of what you’d like to do during your stay in Peru, don’t worry, we are here to help you.

Our sales team will take care of all the details involved with your trip as well as giving you options about the different destinations to visit in our country. You’ll realize that planning a trip abroad has never been easier.

6. How far in advance should I book my trip?

We usually recommend booking your trip at least 2-3 months in advance, especially if you’re planning on a long stay in Peru. Viagens Machu Picchu works with 3 to 5-star hotels and most of them request booking weeks in advance, as well as tours, train rides, transportation options, and other services.

7. What is the best train for Machu Picchu: Expedition or Vistadome?

We recommend you take the Expedition train on the way to Aguas Calientes since most of the departure times are generally when it’s dark. The expedition train has simpler wagons with smaller windows.

Usually, the return takes place during daylight, which is why we would recommend you take the Vistadome train with panoramic windows to enjoy the visually striking scenery this road has to offer. In addition, the Vistadome train offers onboard service and typical dance shows.

8. Are the train tickets included in the package?

Yes, all of our packages include round trip train tickets. Except for those who may choose to go to Machu Picchu by trek. In this case, we’ll only cover the return ticket.

9. Can I choose seats on train trips?

Unfortunately, Peru Rail (the railway company) does not allow passengers to choose seats on any of their different types of train. The distribution of these is done automatically by the company’s system.

10. During the trip to Machu Picchu, where will my largest luggage stay?

Bags that weigh more than 5kg are not allowed on the train or in the Archeological Site of Machu Picchu. Therefore, you must leave your large luggage in the storage service of your accommodation.

For your trip to Machu Picchu, we highly recommend you carry a light backpack with just the essentials for your comfort.

11. What are the Huayna Picchu and Machu Picchu Mountains?

Those are the surrounding mountains to the Inca Citadel. Huayna Picchu is located at 2,720 meters above sea level and offers an outstanding view to the archaeological site as well as several Inca ruins along the trail.

The Machu Picchu Mountain is located at 3,082 meters above sea level, and serves as another viewpoint to the famous historical sanctuary. However, the trek to its summit is significantly less challenging than the Huayna Picchu mountain.

To trek either of these mounts, you must purchase an additional entrance ticket well in advance. For more information, please contact your travel agent.

12. What Currency is Used in Peru?

Nuevo Soles is the local currency in Peru, banknotes come in denominations of 200, 100, 50, 20, and 10. Whilst coins come in 5, 2, 1, 0.50, 0.20, and 0,10 units.

13. What is the best currency to use in Peru: US Dollars or Soles?

Almost all establishments accept payments in US Dollars, but we highly recommend you have both Dollars and Soles (the local currency) since there might be places where you’ll need to pay with the Peruvian currency.

14. What are the Peru entry requirements?

Depending on your nationality, you would either need a tourist visa, valid passport or your national I.D. card to enter Peru, for example:

- Passport: Concerns to every country that isn’t in the Andean Community. It must have a validity of at least 6 months.
- Tourist Visa: Applies for visitors from Venezuela, Haití, El Salvador, Nicaragua, and Cuba.
- National I.D. Card: Valid for all the members within the Andean Community as, Colombia, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, and Argentina.

                                                                                Changes & Cancellations

1. If a tour is canceled due to weather conditions, do I get a refund?

Tour cancellations due to bad weather conditions have no refund, as they are factors beyond our control. However, we’d like to ensure the integrity of our passengers by acknowledging that some other situations may be taken into account. Therefore, if having any inconvenience, make sure to contact your travel agent.

2. Can I change the starting date of my travel package?

Yes, you can change the starting date of your travel package. However, an administrative fee between 10% and 50% of the total value of the package will be charged, depending on the proximity to the original date of your trip (this is subject to availability and supplier policies).

3. Can I cancel my trip?

Affirmative, you can definitely cancel your trip. Your options for a refund are, however, subject to certain rules. Only a limited sum will be refunded by Viagens Machu Picchu under the following circumstances:

- There won't be a fee if you cancel up to 50 days before your trip, and you'll get a 10% reduction on the contractual package's worth on the deposit commission and other administrative services.

- A 50% fee of the package's total value will be charged for cancellations made between 39 and 21 days prior to the start date.

- An 80% fee of the package's total value will be charged for cancellations made between 39 and 21 days prior to the start date.

- The full amount of the package will be withheld for cancellations notified less than 7 days before the start date.

Important Note: Machu Picchu Travel will have up to 50 days to refund the money to the passenger, according to the aforementioned conditions, counted from the date of cancellation of the trip.

For further information, we have a section with the most Frequently Asked Questions about Peru, Machu Picchu, and our company.

Payment Methods

To confirm your booking, we will send you a link with 25% of the total amount; the remaining 75% must be paid 15 days prior to the trip. Payment can be in US Dollars, credit, or debit card. For payment in installments of the remaining value, please consult your travel agent.

Our current payment methods are through PayPal and Visa.