Machu Picchu Travel

The fairytale scenery of this South American region is incomparable. From its lush jungle to the energetic Andean lands and its paradisiacal beaches, Peru is surely the ideal destination for a dream honeymoon.

Peru’s diversity has been acknowledged by many travelers and we are proud to say that our country offers unique travel experiences to everyone who visits it. Therefore, we want you to put together the perfect itinerary so you can have a romantic adventure with your life partner. 

Immerse yourselves in the vast Peruvian culture and allow our mystic lands to renovate your energy on this lovely trip. Below you’ll find the best cities to visit on your honeymoon through Peru.




Uncover the magic behind Lima’s streets that will surely leave you spellbound to its secrets. The Peruvian capital’s old town gathers over 600 historical monuments, which granted recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1991.

Likewise, Lima is widely known for its culinary art, where exotic local ingredients merge perfectly with international cuisine. Experiencing a romantic evening in Lima has no comparison, share intimate moments with your loved one in Lima’s renowned restaurants, belonging to the World’s Top 50 rank. 

Lima’s tourist district will leave you wanting more. The Miraflores boardwalk offers the best view of the Pacific Ocean, as well as the best restaurants and bars in the area. However, the adventure doesn’t stop there since Barranco’s artistic expression will captivate you with its bohemian atmosphere.



Immerse yourselves in the everlasting energy of the Andean lands, where the Inca culture will teach you the importance of the spiritual and living realm. Cusco is the main travel destination for most travelers in South America, not only for its vast cultural expression but its natural wonders.

Undoubtedly, the Cusco region gathers the most impressive attractions within the Andean highlands, being Machu Picchu one of those enigmatic locations worth visiting. However, the colorful city of Cusco will leave you breathless with its Inca and Colonial constructions that collide to shape the old town we know today.

Travel in time with your partner and experience the Imperial City of the Inca at its fullest, deep dive into a world of ancient traditions and culture that will surely captivate you.



Sacred Valley of the Incas

Let nature and ancient history be part of your love story. The Sacred Valley of the Incas is home to the main archeological sites in the area, as well as holding the most visually striking scenery of the region. 

Renovate your energy and let your dreams flow with the rumbling Urubamba river. Exploring will have a new meaning for you and your life partner since the history involved in these lands will make you feel grounded and connected to your inner selves. 

If traveling through the Peruvian Andes, make sure to stay in the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Give yourself a break from the rough world and strengthen your spiritual bond with your spouse. 


Aguas Calientes

This small town has its secrets; if visiting Machu Picchu is on your to-do list, we highly recommend to stay here for at least one night to rest after the long Cusco to Machu Picchu trip.

The energy that flows through Aguas Calientes is like no other. This unique tourist city is surrounded by imposing mountains and a dream-like scenery worth knowing. Likewise, the most luxurious hotels offer ecotourism activities that allow you to get lost in the vast biodiversity of the region.

However, we advise you to take some time off to practice meditation, yoga, and to experience the best massage sessions you’ll ever find. Let your honeymoon trip take you through the most exciting locations but also allow yourselves to fill your souls with the spellbinding features of this region.