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The Inca Culture remains nearly untouched by the outside world thanks to the communities who dedicated part of their lives to the preservation of these ancient customs. Likewise, it is said that during the Spanish conquest, many Inca priests fled to the mountains to keep their cultural heritage alive.

These ancient traditions marked the Peruvian lands with such deep-rooted mysticism that they brought a valuable cultural and religious heritage to the country, where ceremonies help us understand our place within the living and spiritual realm, thereby understanding our existence on earth. 

For many travelers, esoteric tourism has been the principal goal of their trip. In addition to the traditional tours through the different attractions in Peru, travelers can also choose to have a spiritual experience in these authentic lands, looking to disconnect from the vain world into a more woke and conscious inner self. Are you ready to experience Peruvian culture in real depth? Below you’ll find the most popular rituals in Peru.

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Esoteric & Mystical Rituals

Ancestral Ceremonies in the Sacred Valley

The Sacred Valley of the Incas is known for gathering many religious centers across the region belonging to the Inca culture, where spiritual and meditation practices have remained within the present generations. 

Different ceremonies look to heal the spirit with the power of the elements, where water, air, earth, and fire have distinctive healing properties and purposes. There are also rituals used to bind or strengthen the spiritual connection between two persons.

Uncover the secrets of the Sacred Valley of the Incas and unwind in these mystic lands, let the Urubamba river take your worries away and renovate your energy to later find the path to your inner self and connection to the earth.

Esoteric & Mystical Rituals

Sacred Fire Ritual

The fire was known to the Incas as an element that transforms dense and dark energy into light, bringing lightness to mind and spirit. Likewise, our ancestors used fire to celebrate and strengthen the bond between the body and soul through prayers to thank and release bad energies. 

The ceremony takes place in an open-sky natural environment, where the shamans gather around the fire. Later, they pray to the universe and the Pachamama (Mother Earth) with songs and musical instruments, asking to cleanse their soul and mind and to enlighten the path towards the inner self to live in alignment and balance with the world.

Esoteric & Mystical Rituals

Ayahuasca Ritual

This famous ceremony has been part of the Amazonian and Andean cultures for centuries, used to cleanse and purify the mind and spirit with a beverage of the mix of two plants, Ayahuasca and Chacrona.

The Ayahuasca ritual takes place in a quiet location surrounded by nature, where people gather in a circle to drink this distinctive beverage, known for its healing and psychedelic properties. The spiritual guide recites some prayers, then smokes through a wood pipe to attract good spirits to help the person throughout the ritual. Later, the person must drink this liquid until the very last drop.

The ceremony can take up to 3 hours to be completed. However, the person may suffer the secondary effects of this drink, such as dizziness and vomit, which represent the cleansing of the body. As well as experiencing a strong connection with the psyche, where long-forgotten memories resurface in order to reconcile and forgive their inner selves.